Easter Lasagna

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    Easter Lasagna

    We had our Lasagna meal for Easter and it was soooo good. I started my sauce early Saturday morning, good old sauce handed down from the greatest of nanny's ( my grandma ). On the norm my wife makes the meatballs and I do the rest. On this occasion she couldn't get to it until Sunday morning, and to me, that's not good. If they don't soak in the sauce for at least a day, well that's just a round hamburger with sauce on it. I got to thinking to myself about how disappointed I will be eating these meatballs, LOL. Then it struck me.......the crock pot always makes meat nice and tender..hmmmm.

    Long sorry short I dumped the whole pot of sauce and meatballs into the pot and turned her on high. Six hours later I tried it out. OMG it was so good. The moistness and sauce taste in the meatballs was incredible. The sauce was the best sauce I've ever had. I love the olive oil and sugar ( takes out the bitter tomatoes taste ) taste in sauce but it has to be just right, I don't like it sweet at all.

    The only other way to get this taste is on the stove and that takes a whole day or more. And when you do it that way you have to keep adding chicken broth ( home made stock for me ) to make up for the evaporation.

    I'm going to Jacksonville Florida this summer to see the family and yes I'm bringing meatballs and sauce with me. Boy is this gonna start trouble, LOL. Our whole family cooks and when we get together look out !!!! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna show up my little brother who happens to be the chef for the " Jacksonville landing ", a five star restaurant in Florida.

    Hmm...should I let them know my little secret ?

    Try it sometime...enjoy
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    guess we all know what you are gonna be bringing to any gatherings you attend!!!

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    Yeah Jim, come to Keystone:smile2:, I had an Uncle that made his sauce and meatballs that way, took him a day and a half, my saliva would almost drown me just smelling that stuff:smile2:
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