East Fork & North Fork

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    just wondering how many others have been up on the creeks when teir up and runnin? at times you only get a day or two when their up and runnin, but when they are it can be some of the fastest action i've seen.
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    norfolk, va
    when the water is moving you can get some good action. i like to go to the big muddy river about 5 miles upsteam from rend lake in september when they flood out the bottoms for duck season. caught 10 fish in an hour one night there last year. if youre close to rend lake you should check it out. great for late season action. right now i wouldt go up there cause the waters gonna be almost green from the runoff. there is an old road and bridge submerged there where there have been some 60-80 lbers caught. biggest ive gotten was 8+lbs but there in there.