Eagle Creek

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    Ok, I have to say... I in 32 years of living have never seen Eagle Creek as low as it is right now. I went thru the park, from across 56th st, drove thru, and came out at 71st st. I stopped at the bird sanctuary as well as the cove behind lemon lake and thought to myself, "wth" has happened to this lake? The water is so low right now on the north end there is barely anything there! We drove out on to 71st st. and went to the bridge that crosses the "feed" to the lake to find out they have the bridge out and are detoxing the water in that area. I guess that it is a place people like to dump car batteries, wheels, and tires in the water! They are in the process of cleaning it all up and putting in a new bridge from where it has eroded away over time.

    To Travis, man... Congrats on catching the channels, I know there is a LOT of lake to fish in still, but you have to pick a spot and you picked a good one. We seen a BUNCH of sail boats while there, and they are a pain in the butt! I am going to try my luck again next week with a little more planning.

    What is funny though, I have seen the "old" road right by 56th st (usually covered and cant see it under water). many times as a kid without the water being down as far as it is right now, but this time with the water being down you can see just about the entire stretch of the original road! There was about 10 people fishing from it yesterday, I have seen many fish caught from it too!
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    Well, I went there sunrise this morning and everything is back to normal as I figured it would be. Caught 6 channels all over 5lbs on live chubs. Be it high or low I'm not missing a beat on that water.

    Now to find where those few pesky blues and flatties are that are hiding in there somewhere. :smile2: