Eagle Claw Nitro Biscuits... Friend or foe???

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Rajun_Cajun, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Rajun_Cajun

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    well i have really been debating lately over my spring break, whether or not if i have been wanting to buy them or not, i've been having trouble because usually when i buy some sort of stink bait besides bee-jay(which is the only stinkbait that has worked for me in the past), most others havent. but if anyone has ever tried out the nitro biscuits and has caught fish off them, please let me know :beat_shot:

    p.s.- also is there any other stink baits that work pretty well?
  2. LiquidSteel

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    I have used Sonny's blood bait and it works great when crawlers, gills, or my other baits dont work. Check out catfishconnection dot com and look at their cloesout section. Look under Catfish Baits and check out the items listed by "Apex Jig-A-Cat." They hold stink bait very well. I have also bought a complete collection of Looper rigs and I am sooooo looking forward to using them.

  3. catfish_jordan

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    bee-jays and sonnys are the only thinigs that have worked for me .but just expirement you never know.:0a26: