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    I've been doing some reading and it seems that the only hooks made in the USA are Eagle Claw, all the others are made in other countries. How many will only use Eagle Claw due to them being AMERICAN made. I am one that won't use anything else since finding this out.
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    Personally I think Eagle Claw hooks stink. I got a couple packs of 8/0 circles last year and while striper fishing two hooks snapped while fighting good sized fish.:at-wits-end:(Im pretty sure they were world record fish also:lying::laugh1:) I took the rest i had and threw them right in the trash. Just like was said they don't even come out of the package sharp. I stick with matzou and gama.

  3. flathunter

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    They may be made in the usa, but I wont use them anymore, because of the quality.
  4. I like Eagle Claw laser sharp off set J-Hook baitholder shanked hooks. I agree that they will break easier then tha Gammies, but I always keep some in the tackle box. I do notice that they always label thier packages made in the usa. But I have more Gammies than Eagles.
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    I'll be on the other side and say that I've never had an Eagle Claw fail me in any way. They may not be "sticky" sharp like some other hooks, but a catfish really doesn't have a hard mouth, and there's lots of soft spots for a hook to hang in. Most time they are sharp enough. I test hooks on my finger nail... if the point will grab without sliding off, it's sharp enough. If not, then I touch up the point. I find that the smaller "premium" Eagle Claws are fine out of the package.

    Last fall, I had the boys at a relative's farm pond. I'll be honest, they get the cheaper hooks on their stuff, that way I'm not crying over lost money. I had a 2/0, I think, on my oldest son's rod, using liver. I had a 3/0 gama on my rod, using liver. Maybe it just wasn't my day, but he caught three fish to each of my one, we were 10 ft apart with the rods in holders, letting them load before grabbing the rod. We were getting the same amount of hits, but I'm convinced that the hook he was using made the difference. I don't remember exactly which model # it was though.
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    LaGrange, Ky.
    Eagle Claw, Lazer sharp, King Kahle 10/0 is the only hook that I use for catfishing. Sharp enough for me!
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    I couldn't agree more with you on these hooks. I grew up using eagle claw, but that changed yrs ago when my youngest boy was fighting a huge fish for around 15 minutes and then the line just went slack, upon reeling it in the #6 eagleclaw hook was bent like a ?, Almost straightened all the way out. Cheap metal maybe I thought and then it wasn't to long after that I had 2-3 just break off(snapped) just like you say.

    I went to the same guy that turned me onto P-Line and asked for the best hook $$$ could buy, and he handed me a Pak of Gamakatsu #4 or 5 and said you'll never find a stronger or sharper hook right out of the pak than these. To this day I haven't and That was 15-16yrs ago??? I beleive you could pull a truck without one of them straightening out. still use both of them today and will from now on IMHO.

    Oh yeah, Dave did turn me onto a couple of them big ole#12's,, hes right Sharp,
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    Steve Turner
    I like the Eagle Claw Hooks. I use the 3/0-9/0 Cirlcle hooks. I also have some Gama circles. Never had any problems with the Eagle Claw circles.


    I don,t use Eagle claw anymore.I can straighten out the 7/0 -10/0 sizes with #80 braid.Never straightend one of the Mustads so far.It,s nice that they,re made in USA,but what good is that if they,re putting out a weak product.IMO
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    I use the king kahle, and some the bait holder eagle claw hooks. I have to say the bait holder hooks have broken on me, when i was in a snag, or trying to take the hook out of fishes mouth. The hooks I've never had problems with are the king kahles. The other hooks I like are owner, mustad,daiichi,and gamakatsu. I do have a pretty large hook collection.
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    Fouke, Arkansas
    i grew up using eagle claw model 90ss hooks for all my trotlining adventures. now for my rod and reel fishing i use eagle claw black platinum in 5/0 to 10/0. eagle claw makes several kahle models and the black platinum is the one that you want to use. they're not a forged hook and they will bend or even break if you put enough pressure on them. that's where fishing experience comes in. if you're wrestling big flats out of heavy cover then these are probably not a good choice but for fighting big blues in open water they're fine. as for sharpness, i've had one or two that needed some touching up before use and one that i actually threw away because of a defect. but the price is probably half of what gamakatsus are. when you lose 5 to 10 hooks a day the price tends to make a difference. and if i can help keep an american company in business, that's all the better.
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    I think the eagle claw circles are garbage for sure but ive never had any trouble out of there kahle hooks,i do like them ok.some do have to be sharpened a bit more out of the package but other then that they work fine.i mostly use gamas,you just cant beat the quality and sharpness of those hooks.
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    I'm all for the Made in USA thing but the laws are so funny they can make a couch in china ship it to NC and sew on a Made in USA tag and it's legal because sewing the tag on counted as making it. Plus this day and age your better off and get more assistance (schooling, starting business, just living,own a:Mad: business tax exempt) your better off comming to America from another country than you are if you were born and raised here your whole life. And no offense to anybody or anyone I would take advantage of it too, but why dont us who've been here our whole lives get any breaks like these ? And I'm not talking welfare and Food Stamps and such I think ABUSE of that is total BS as well but good for those who HAVE to have it.
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    what do you do when you get hung tie to the cleat and gun the outboard :pray: i hate trying to break anything over 40# esp if its muddy
  15. Ed1

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    I use thier kahle for 75 % of my catfishing and had no problems out of them
  16. alton

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    Gamakatsu hooks are stronger and sharper than Eagle Claw hooks. I use Gamakatsu Octopus Circle 8/0 and would be glad to switch to Eagle Claw when the quality improves. I have tried using Eagle Claw sabiki rigs, and they are inferior to the Daiichi bleeding red hook sabiki rigs. The Daiichi hooks used on their sabiki rigs are extremely strong and very sharp.
    Just because Eagle Claw hooks are made in America should not exempt the company from producing a quality product.
  17. PaJay-p

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    I use the Kahles and the L84's. Gamakatsu for circles can't be beat.
  18. RangerDad

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    New Jersey
    I like the fact that the Eagle Claws are made in USA and I try to use them as often as possible. Mostly I use them for panfish, trout, and bass.
    In the upper size (7/0 and bigger) they appear a little too thick for me. I like the thinner stronger Gamma hooks in the upper size.
    I work with the boy scouts (fishing merit badge) and I give them the EC smaller hooks.
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    TIM HAGAN New Member

    I will offer a deal you but try my 8/0 circle and if you do not like them i will refund your money they are made in the USA
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    Greenup Co. KY
    I use the E.C. Kahles 98% of the time Catfishing. Except for not being real sharp out of the package, which is easily taken care of, I've never had a problem with them. I use the Kahles from 4/0 - 10/0. They've never let me down so I see no reason to use any others. You can set the hook or let them hook themselves, best of both worlds!!!