Eagle Claw circle hooks

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    Hi everypne came across a deal I think today went to a bait shop this afternoon on the outside of town to see if he had any large Chubs cause i'm planning to fish the Missouri River tonight and my regular bait shop has only small ones. So the man tells me he is planning on closing up and going out of business after Labor day and everthing is 50% off so I look around and buy some weights and swivels then I spot these Eagle claw circle hooks 12/0 15/0 big Boys for 50cents a package thought it was a good buy so I bought all the 12/0(30pkgs) and only 6pkgs 15/0 he still had about 20pkgs of 15/0 left was wondering if maybe I should go back and buy them also? The packages contained 2 hooks each.I don't think I will use them all so if anyone needs a fue I will have extra and bring some along to the national and get you fixed up. J.D.Straka :big_smile:
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    J.D. I could use a few , not to many ,but at that price it's worth it.