E-TEC or 4 Stroke

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by MSgtCatfish, Jun 2, 2008.

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    Looking to get a new boat soon and debating on equipping it with an E-TEC or a 4 Stroke. My buddy has a 4 stroke and that thing is awesome when it comes to noise level and gas mileage. Can anyone give me some feedback on an E-TEC and/or let me know which one you would get and why? I've heard they are comparable with noise level and gas mileage but E-TEC weighs a lot less and easier to work on. Any feedback would be preciated!
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    I have been lucky enough to purchase (2) 4 stroke yamaha's in the past several years. A 40 hp and a 115 hp had a few problems with the 40 and yamaha replaced the motor. I would purchase a 4 stroke I know a couple of people who have an e-tec and they are well satisfied. It depends on personal choice. 4 stroke motors have been around longer than the e-tec. I am just not sold on them by the commercials that have been on tv. They are probably good motors but the bottom line is U see more 4 strokes in my part of the country than e-tec's. Opinions are like elbows everyone has a couple. One thing to think about do U have a dealer close by to where U live?.Gas prices to get it serviced. But that does not really matter they are good for 300 hrs. as they say on tv.

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    i talked to a fellow loading his boat a few weeks ago he had a e-tec that was three years old, i asked him about the motor ,he liked it ,no problems and it used a third less gas than the old two stoke, i`ve had several old fishermen tell me that if you will mix the oil on an older two stroke engine you will never wear it out, the new four strokes are good and are quiet as well as good on gas but the main problem is first the timeing belt as in most car engines made now as long as you don`t sling the belt you are allright, twice as many moving parts in the four stroke, but i think if a person will have the engine serviced every three or four seasons , you can probably run trouble free, they say the honda four stroke has the most problems, poor design. a buddy of mine runs a 90 hp four stroke suzuki its a great engine and has lots of problem free hours on it. i saw where mercury has built a e-tec copy, it will be interresting to see how it pans out.