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    Whats the big deal about E-Glass fishing rods for catfish.i have baught a nice little getup from the proshops and they really brag it up.However i dont see any other type of rod made out of it for other fish.just the pro shops and cabelas catfish seris rods. Anyone have one or have likes or dislikes about them?
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    The reason they make cat rods out of E-Glass, is that you need the power to handle the big cats and also you will be using heavy weights and baits.

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    just look around most rods that have a good back bone is e-glass, they use a lot of them in the salt water fishing, most of the im rods will not take the hard pulling when your rod is in a horseshoe form, most e-glass mh up to 40/50 and most h are 50/80 lbs

    just something for you to look into:big_smile:
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    Touting the Eglass name is nothing more than a marketing thing. Most (not all) of the fiberglass used for most everything made from fiberglass is Eglass so they could just as easily say fiberglass and leave it at that but Eglass sounds much more high tech.
    There is Aglass, Sglass, Cglass, Tglass and others. They all have different properties.
    Some rods are made from carbon/glass mixes and some of the glass is a mix of Eglass and Sglass. Carbon is much stiffer and lighter than glass and is ideal for rods that are held all day long. It used to be that glass was much tougher than carbon and was ideal for rods that don't have to be held as in catfishing. It is also much more forgiving of misuse.
    These days carbon rods are incredibly strong and tough and though they can handle the strain that once made glass a necessity they are very expensive when compared to glass rods of a similar power.
    Don't let anyone tell you that Eglass rods are better for catfishing than carbon because they are not. What is true however is that Eglass (fiberglass) rods with the action and power to handle big cats are much more affordable than carbon...W
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    The fiberglass rods are more affordable, and do seem to have toughness. I like the light weight and action of graphite, but the "Eglass" rods do have a good heft to them....

    I suspect like everything else, taste and budget will ultimately decide this for you...
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    e-glass rods work great for cats because they are like the willow poles that the old time bank liners use, lots of flex to wear them down and take up the shock of their bursts and flops, and as you know its harder to break something that flexs. some may think the king kat rods at cabelas are too flimsy but thats what they are supposed to do they are great rods and are well worth the $20 i have pulled very hard on theise rods and havent broke one. some have had eyes pop out and that i will agree with they eyes are cheep and few and far betweeen, that would be my gripe i would pay an extra 5-10 to have more and better eyes on the blank. they could probally use 3 more to keep the line off the blank.
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    Welcome to Boc Brett, I have some of Bass pro catfish rods, and king kat rod from cabelas. They are good rods for the money, the eyes are a little weak on catmax rods. Other than that I don't have any complaints. They have come along way with glass rods. Like carbon they have come along way carbon being the more expensive of the two. Glass rods are also used by bass fisherman, deep sea fishing, and musky fisherman to name a few. Also a good glass rod isn't as heavy as they use to be, But they are still heavier than carbon rods. Hope this helps.