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    I recently read an article that stated a guy who builds ethanol plants and is on the ethanol board donated a pickup truck to a school. The students took it apart and after over 105,000 miles burning E-85 except when it was not availalbe, this gasoline only truck had no damage to anything.

    A man who has been dismantling vehicles over 40 years claimed the parts that come in contact with the ethanol are identical except fuel injectors that are larger in the multi-fuel vehicles.

    The article claimed no damage to catalytic converters, or anything that comes in contact with E-85. There was mention of oxygen sensors but the article claimed the oxygen sensor was probably bad prior to burning E-85. Replacing the sensor solved the problem with the engine light, and it did'nt return. Also a person did a test with different mixtures and determined for his vehicle the most cost effective was E-70.

    Has anyone here any experience with experiments concerning this?
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    The only thing Ive heard and read about it is that you get about 20-30% less milage per gallon. i dont know if thats true or not but I dont drive a E-85 car anyways.

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    i dont know if it would hurt a regular engine but it burns alot hotter than gas
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    well all I can add is I have been burning E-85 for 3 years now in my 1997 F-150 6 banger I will put in 15 gallons of E-85 and right at 8 gallons of regular 10%, I did have the engine light come on the very 1st time, and it WAS a bad oxygen sending unit, after t was replaced I have not had any problems what so ever, and as far as the temp gauge, I truthfully can not tell you it runs any hotter over all, it does seem to warm up a little faster in the winter, yes I will admit it does not get as good of mileage as non E-85, but for the $0.60 difference of price I figure it is about same over all and I guess better for the air right. I'm happy with it........
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    I have a 98 ford escort which I have been burning e-85 and have had no problems, I let my tank get have empty and alt. 10% and e-85. The thing that I have noticed most was that with the e85 the engine is quiter and you do get less mpg.