Dupage river - could you help me out with the winter channel catfish tips?

Discussion in 'ILLINOIS RIVERS TALK' started by revolver, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. revolver

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    Chicago il
    A couple buddies and i just found an awesome spot in the dupage river just west of caton farm and route 59.Its mainly shallow about 3 feet deep and there are some small holes that get to 7 feet deep.We found they are very productive right now.I was just wondering if anyone else fishes the dupage and if you could help me out with the winter channels.What are generally their behaviors as the temp drops in small rivers like this one?
  2. vegasryder

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    They should be feeding pretty well rite now before the really cold weather gets in. You`ll want to start hitting deeper water when the temps start to drop. They`ll be on the move pretty soon.