Dumb things we do while fishing

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by ncfowler, May 21, 2007.

  1. ncfowler

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    i know i am as guilty as the next person when it comes to doing dumb things while fishing and now becoming aware of it or it may just be me doing it, most can be resolved with just a little thought.
    1. pulling the line down and having tension form the rod tip will make the hook a accident waiting to happen, simple resolve open the bail or release the spool, reduces the hook from being able to hook someone when it slips out your hand.
    2. holding hooks between your teeth while pulling leader line , ok maybe this is just me, no resolve can be made here just plain stupidity on my part.
    3. putting the bait knife back into its holder, often after using the knife it just put on the cutting board, this can be a hazard especially in a boat or on the shore line, a slip or a fall can prove to be a trip for stitches or worst. Resolve put the knife pack in its holder and in a safe place.
    4. my favorite netting has always been a issue for me, hey just hold the net and i will put the fish into it, but most people want to use the net to scoop up the fish and tend to extend out of the boat way too much followed by a cold bath. Resolve netting is not hard most times you can lead the fish into the net easier than scooping up and maybe missing and spooking the fish or even knocking it off.
    5. Boat fishing is fun but the ability to stay balance in a boat could be hard on waters that are rolling, keeping the deck clean of gear and equipment can help, nothing is worst than tripping over something when playing a fish or just moving around the boat
    6. storing a hook on a rod, most people just use one of the eyes to hold the hook well after repeated snags on my life vest i now take the hook and place it on the foot of my reels keeping the hook safely stored out of the way of hands and feet.
    I am writing this post because the other day i was out and notice that i pulled the line tight to reach for some bait and came to the realization that i just made sling shot out of a hook and line, then i was hooking up a rod with a new rig and i was holding a real sharp hook in my mouth and notice the tip was digging into my chin, well now i stopped that practice. i also notice that when i got done cutting bait i just laid the knife down on top of the bait tank where the cutting board is thinking i should put that away before it becomes lodge in my leg or i sit on it. WE got a hook up and the young man was the net man i most times do my own netting hence i guide the fish into the net. well this young man was extended over the boat and netting ability was, well lets say we got the fish, but if we would have hit a wake it could have thrown him off balance, keeping the boat clean is my biggest pet peve i hate tripping over anything or having stuff under foot so i put everything in its place after i am done using it, a boat is small enough no matter how big it is there is never enough room so keeping tidy just helps if you have any other safety tips or dumb things besides this post please chime in, we are getting into another fishing season and i hate to here about anyone getting hurt, Thanks for you time and hope everyone has a safe and productive summer.
  2. Ghost River

    Ghost River New Member

    Mine would have to be dang near chain smoking.

  3. r_p_narramore

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    East KY
    Saturday I swung a small channel cat in with my rod and managed to get stuck in the side of my knee with a fin. I knew better than to do that and did it anyway. It bled like crazy.
  4. wolfman

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    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    Well, i just recently had a dumb a$$ attack the other evening. There was a local tournament that I entered in about 5pm then took off to one of my old bank spots. I casted on of my poles in a known snag area below the surface hoping to pull a nice flattie out of it. The first hook up was solid and started to bring him in but lost him after the fish wrapped around something. I felt the fish on tugging after snagging up but it was hopeless so I broke the line and rigged up again. Yes, I casted right back into the same place and yes my 2nd hook up got snagged and lost him also. At this point I was very pissed. But I had to try one more time, and casted my bait there again. This time I hooked up and landed a 9 lb flattie. I was so excited and relieved I snapped off a few pics then released the fish and baited up again. It didnt hit me until about 10 minutes later that I was in a tournament and released my fish. lol! Probably wouldnt have mattered anyway, but what if nobody else did any good and that was the winning entry. :embarassed:
  5. flaboy

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    Wedgefield, SC
    years ago fishing off a bridge at nite, I saw my friend reel in, bait his hook and then it would not go down to the water! seems both he and his dad reeled in and baited the others hook. (glad they wern't casting)
    I was having a unofficial catfishing contest with my friend in the spillway. he lassoed a catfish and didn't realise not only the rules wouldn't let him count it but it cost him two points (fish) I won by I fish! :)
  6. shotdemducks

    shotdemducks New Member

    bait hook with shad guts, then took a chew ONCE!!:embarassed:
  7. RebelMan

    RebelMan Guest

    there's a couple of dumb things i do when fishing.
    1. After handling cut bait, night crawlers, dip bait you name it, you get hungry and start eating. after that bag of chips or hoagie you look at your hang after licking them and remember what you were touching before :crazy:.
    2.Getting the rods out of the car and look at the rod and your lure/hook is stuck in your favorite jacket/shirt.:crazy:
    3.chain smoking is another.
    4.Get your rig all set up at night at a new spot and cast right into a tree.
    5. When im in a boat I always do this. I will have nightcrawlers in the boat and set on them and have the dirt inbedded into the carpet!
    6.Forget your bait is in your hot car.:crazy:
  8. BigCatDreaming

    BigCatDreaming New Member

    1. picking up my tackle box without latching both sides.
    2. One time at about 3am while fishing I was so tired I casted my poles out without baiting them
    3. walking across rocks with a tackle box, chair, two poles, and a bucket full of bait, while wearing sandals.
  9. jbarnes17

    jbarnes17 New Member

    Commerce, Oklahoma
    Thanks for the reminders, I think we all tend to do stupid things without realizing it.
  10. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    forget which pole is rigged with the circle hook:wink:
  11. RebelMan

    RebelMan Guest

    lol been there, I did a huge hook set on my one rod and missed it. I was in shock that i missed it and I reeled it in and there behold.. a circle hook.:choler:
  12. flathead willie

    flathead willie Well-Known Member

    I was fishing in whitewater from my canoe. While fighting a fish, I hit some bad rapids and the boat turned over. The grappling hook wasn't tied in so it went to the bottom, caught a rock, and the force of the water pulled the boat strait down to the bottom of the river. My tackle box was open, (bad move), and I lost about $350 worth of tackle, two paddles, two poles, my partners tackle box & two poles, a cooler full of lunch and drinks, and two PFD's (that we should have been wearing). It took four hours of hard swimming and bouncing off rocks, with my knife in my teeth, to finally get a hold of the boat, pull myself back to the anchor rope and cut it. I haven't used a grappling hook since!
  13. jdstraka

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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Leaving All them Empty Beer Cans in the Boat,And the Wife Finding them and Seeing Just How Fun You were having Fishing!!!! Bad Bad Deal !!! J.D.
  14. cook

    cook New Member

    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    Dumb thing # 128
    Watching wifes poles for a bite while your own pole takes a swim:embarassed:
  15. jerseycat9

    jerseycat9 New Member

    Oakwood Georgia
    Besides chain smokin. When the fish arent biting I am a critter finder snakes,lizards,turtles and what ever else may be near by. I have put myself in pretty tight spots with some heavy hitters in the past(copperheads etc..) And my infatuation has only intensified with my move to the south. I have a broad knowledge of poisonous snakes and the sort and when I see one it makes me that much more determined to catch it. I know its stupid and yall dont need to tell me but I just cant help myself. I also have a general knowledge of venom and survival rate if bitten and these things factor into my decision in a sick way my thinking is if a copperheads human fatality rate is 20% of its bites I will most likely survive long enough to get help. Talk about a messed up way of thinking huh??
  16. ka_c4_boom

    ka_c4_boom New Member

    this is easy dont use circles :lol:

    i cant think of one dumb thing iv done in my boat .......more like thousands :lol: like when i first got it i wasnt used to the power and was constantly ramming other boats , docks , trees and the bank , you ever beach yer boat at such force it takes three people to get it back in the water :lol: or what about leaving yer unused bait in the boat until the next time out whew what a smell iv actually had buzzards roosting on the side rails , or cats not catfish but kitty cats swingin from hooks and line on the side of the boat cause you left old bait on yer hook :lol: theres always you forgot what the plug , or wheres yer hooks answer the bottom of the boat along with rotted shad and God knows what else , or hey theres shad scales in my beer . theres more but iv imbarrased my self enough i think
  17. Smuggo

    Smuggo New Member

    I love the taste of bug spray.

    Once i was fishing the a small creek and had to squeeze the boat under a log and had to crawl over the log as there was no clearance. In the process i raked a fire ant nest into the boat that musta had a billion ants in it.

    I lipped a mud fish once... Imagine vice-grips with teeth.
  18. Barry Nelson

    Barry Nelson New Member

    I watched my brother inlaw pull up the stringer, add a cat to it, making it 6 on the stringer, then he threw it back out........just one problem.....he forgot to tie it back :lol: