Duke Power Alert/Catawba & Wateree

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    Duke Power issued a News Release today at 2:38 PM, which states that they thru the NC Wildlife Officers and other Lake Patrols will start policing all islands owned by Duke Power Comany along the Catawba and Wateree Rivers. You can fish from said island during the day light hours, but not after sunset. Also, you can not build fires, errect structures, no littering, nor cut down trees, limbs or any kind of vegetation. You can be arrested for trespassing and fined.

    They claim that the islands are a natural resource and will be protected.
  2. billfish76

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    I hope they keep an eye out for the ones running around the lake without proper lighting at the same time.

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    I hate that they chose to do that, because some of the best times in my childhood was staying alnight on the islands with my father. I have seen the damage that a few rotten eggs can cause and mess up things for everybody.
    I think Duke tries to do the right thing when it comes to the people who use the lakes that they own. I also seen were they found a girl from uncc died lying next to the river in Belmont NC. Maybe that had something to do with it?
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    I wish the NCWRC would tell them to hire a private security firm to handle their security for them. This is nothing more than Duke Energy trying to protect itself from a lawsuit from an injury stemming from an accident on their property.

    The NCWRC needs to spend its time protecting wildlife and not handle security for private property.
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    They have always policed private property.
    You can register land (farms) with them into a program where they will check in on it.
    Anyone caught there without a permission slip is toast including family members.
    All game and fish laws apply.
  6. todobiennc

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    Its more than just liability its also for the critters. Some of those islands have, or at least to have heron rookeries on them. Duke manages for critters as well as power as part of their Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license. Seen some of them get pretty trashed too by people too lazy to haul it off
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    One must consider the jurisdiction a game warden has.
    It's broad.
    Not only can they write a ticket for game violations, but they can also issue trespassing tickets, tickets for highway infractions, DUI, carry on investigations, and uphold civil law.

    A sheriff's department is limited.
    The state police is limited.
    The highway patrol is limited.
    City and town police are limited.

    And the largest benefit of of a NC game warden "looking after" a private property or public use land is that their conviction rate is high.
    It's hard to win a case against a warden.
    That's what we want.