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    I came home from work yesterday, drove across the creek and around my pond as I normally do when I come home. There was a beautiful wild duck on the pond. I went to get my camera out to take a picture of it and it went under the water. One minute, two minutes..... Five minutes later I still haven't seen the duck. There was one point where i thought I might have saw its bill sticking out of the water. Either that was a really smart duck, or I just missed him and he escaped without me noticing.
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    many ducks are raher good at hiding under water, diver ducks can stay under for several min, diver ducks body are teardrop shape, some times when we we wounded ducks they will get there body just under the water and swim with just there beak above the water, divers are great at doing this, some divers that get shot will go down to the bottom and hang on rocks and what ever they can get a hold of and die there the the next day you may find them floating long the shore. aint steel shot great!