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Duck Hunting

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How does the duck forcast look for the brothers in other states? Every game warden I talked to in North La. said it looks like ANOTHER bad season. I hope they are wrong!:)
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ducks in PA looks like to be on the down swing .... dont know why BUT if you wanna get some Geese .... I know where theres alot ... why would this be so
any one have any ideas .....

hey do any of you guys go pond hopping, it looks fun i want to try it.
Our good friends up in western Manitoba told us that they've never seen anything like it up there!!!!!!!!!!! Ducks are absolutely everywhere and there was a 25% increase in the amount of potholes in the region. Hope this bodes well for another great duck/goose season. I am fortunate to be able to video for Buck Gardner and travel to many wonderful places. God bless.
your so lucky to be able to do that asasin, i hope to have a job that relates to hunting
If you pay your dues and work hard enough anything is possible. God bless.
Geese are everywhere here in Ohio. I hope the duckies are better then last year. We won 3 good blinds on Buckeye Lake here. Prime locations. Have always done good there from what I have heard.
Thanks for the report Asasin(?), now let's hope we get the weather to push them nice and easy.

Going to be changing the boat blind this year, doing away with the Fastgrass and going to Max-4 burlap. Only hunted one place in the last 2 seasons where the Fastgrass blended in. I'm also looking forward to hunting during the week, public land on weekends is a nightmare. Just hope gas falls enough to be able to scout a bit.
We'll take our fastgrass and stomp it in the mud to get rid of the shine to help it blend in better. Seems to work real well. We'll also utilize our layout blinds alot during the season, mudding them up good, too. When it freezes, we'll just drag our 4 rivers layout boats with our layout blinds, decoys, guns and such in the boat along the ice, using our ice spikes for traction. The layout blinds work excellent on top of the ice to hide from unsuspecting ducks. Got 3 days away from filming for Buck Gardner during late December last year, and we smoked limits of mallards on public lands here in Missouri and were the first ones to turn in our cards each day. Didn't matter what number we drew, we just found the ducks and were able to access the areas easier than most folks, so we killed ducks quick. Being versatile is the key to whacking limits of ducks day in and day out. God bless.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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