Dual purpose homemade sinker/Chum box

Discussion in 'Catfishing Library' started by TOPS, Dec 29, 2005.

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    From an old Tylenol bottle,well any plastic bottle, drill a small hole into the center of the bottle cap. Place your main line from your rod thru the hole of the bottle cap, Tie on a snap swivel to your main line,Add the amount of weight that you wish to use to the snap swivel. or drop the weight into the bottle its self.Drill several about the size of a pencil in the body of the bottle.[be sure to drill one in the bottom or the bottle to relieve the excess water that will collect into the bottle.] Place as many sardines cooked in oil as you can into the bottle. Tie a barrel swivel about 12 to 18 inches above the chum bottle. Tie your leader with the hook that you like to use to the barrel swivel. when you rig is completed it should be similar to a 3-way rig. you now should be ready to tight line fish!
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    Good post.There is a commerical made product like that available in European carp stores.It looks like those old plastic hair rollers women used to use,with a swivel attached.They pack it full of chum,which also adds weight to cast.As it disperses,there is no weight to speak of for the wiley carp to feel.