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Discussion in 'Boating Stories' started by bigmic900, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. bigmic900

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    anybody ever encounter any dumb drunk boaters while night fishing the night really bring out some bozos ive had three just this year. i had one guy go between me and a bridge pilling only about 8 or 9 ft scraping the side of his boat along the pilling and it is not the only space to go under the bridge the river is atleast 800ft across makes me want to buy a paintball gun how about you what stories do u guys have
  2. RiverKing

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    Yeah one night on the Ohio, there was a cigar boat running up the river in the midle of the night doing about 65....Well he was coming right at me, to fast for my to try and get out of the way...I thought i was going to have to jump out, or be done for...He got within about 1o or 15 feet of me a verred away, and thankfully didnt hit me..Thats about the scariest thing i have ever encountered on the river...I thought i was dead that night.

  3. laidbck111

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    Dumb, Drunk, Stupid it don't make a difference. It won't be long before boating violations are linked to your DL and then some of the stupidity will stop.
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    welcome to the BOC mike. There are already 2 or 3 threads about boat idiots somewhere in here. I call the CO's on them. I don't know of anywhere you can run a boat at night over about 10 MPH legally. I use a 5oz sinker heaved at the boat, followed by a 'Ididn't see ya" is very effective sometimes.
  5. Skunk Master

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    The wife and me were fishing last month.. About 1030 pm a cabin cruiser came by us and threw a 3 ft wake at us... About an hour later he came back up the river right at us.. I turned on every lite i Had.. I didn't know what to do... At the last minute he swerved and went between us and the bank.. Stripped the line off 3 poles and broke my wifes pole... We were about 20 ft off the bank in 5 ft of water.. that nite if i would of had a gun I'd probably be in jail now... The wife won't go nite fishin with me anymore now and it's too hot to fish during the day...
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    Thats too bad.. Women can be real sensitive with that sort of stuff. Let one bad expirence turn them off from the sport completly...

    * Id say anybody that spends enough time on the water has come across stupid people doing stupid things. You just got to be prepaired how to handle yourself. Cause even though you have good intentions when keeping a gun on you. A split second reaction will ruin your life and take you off the water for a real long time.
  7. mandingo

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    that happened to me on the wakarusa river here in ks.the guy was in a bright yellow ranger doin about 60.to start off,the river is not that big to be going that fast with dead trees all over the river.the 1st time i thought he was gonna slow down as he got closer but he kept it hammered.pissed me and my partner off!!!when he came back bout an hour later(we could hear him comin)we both had an 8oz.eggsinker and threw them at him.we learned to lead a 60mph moving object a lil further cuz we missed the boat but he did see us throw them and then give him the big finger:big_smile:
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    Vinita, Oklahoma
    I don't own a boat, or know all the boating rules, but I think they should be just like driving a car.
    You should be able to go to a lake and have fun and not have to worry about drunks.

    We were out fishing a couple weeks ago, I had my daughter, her boyfriend, my son and my niece, all under 18. There was some people camping down a little ways from us, and one of the guy's started wading out in the river.

    He was yelling all kinds of racial remarks, like all you N......... need to go, N......... don't need to be here and I'll kick all your N.........A..... and a bunch of junk like that, then we heard some other people across the river yelling back at him.
    It didn't take us long to load up and get out of there.

    I don't have a problem with people drinking, I do it myself, but I do it at home.

    Drinking has it place and it's not out in public where it can cause other people harm.

  9. catfishkatmando

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    Salem, WV.
    The problem with drunks is that even when you straighten them out the don't rember, they get up in the morning and say gee how did I get this boot stuck up my rear end.
  10. trnsmsn

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    Missouri Originally Now I
    They Already Are Here In FL., If You Get A B.U.I (Boating Under The Influence), You Lose Your Driver's License Too !!!
  11. BassCat1

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    Mandingo - I'm right there with you....I've had several encounters myself. Some I've dealt with very well, some I should have demonstrated that I was the bigger (and wiser) person, but did not. I hope you will give a second thought to throwing those large sinkers (or anything) at another boat or person. I don't have to tell you how far up the river you would go if you hit that guy & kill or maim him. Are you really willing to suffer for anothers obvious ignorance? I wish you the best of luck Bro! I hope you will always have the freedom to hit the water anytime you wish. Mark in SC!
  12. fishhook

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    In the State of Maryland whatever you get caught doing in a boat is the same as on the highway and goes against your license like speeding, reckless driving or drunk driving. I've moved from there I'm now in Ohio but when I left there was a new law going on the books that anyone operating a power boat is required to have a drivers license which I think is a good thing. There is just too many people out there letting thier young children operate the boat which would be just as dangerous as letting them drive your car on a freeway and makes no sense unless the parents are drunk or just plain stupid.
  13. catfish kenny

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    I have a prety strict rule-NO BOOZE IN MY BOAT-now when we hit the docks to clean fish or get home thats different...cause I like my beer:wink:
  14. jason berry

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    I like my beer dont get me wrong but, I cant tell you how many times Ive almost got ran over by idiots on the river.
  15. DANZIG

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    West Virginia
    "letting thier young children operate the boat "

    It aint the kids I worry about. Nor even the drinkers.
    Now, you get the ones who have no clue when sober and get a few into them,, Those are the ones I worry about.
  16. FourWinds

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    Lawton, Oklahoma
    They're working on boating laws here in Oklahoma similar to what some of you guys have mentioned, too.
  17. willcat

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    i agree w/kenny "no beer in my boat", now i have let my buddy drink one time and he overdid it & got real sick, now he drinks sodas on the water lol!!!:smile2:
  18. Catwagon

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    Justin, TX
    I don't drink myself but I've had a couple buddies that would drink a beer or two (or three) on a hot day and never show any sign of acting dumb which is fine with me. On the other hand, I've had guys try to get on with cases of beer or whole bottles of liquor which is a serious no-no on my boat.

    I figure if they want to spend the day getting hammered then stay on the bank because they obviously aren't very interested in fishing. Early on I had to deal with a couple that did get sloshed on my boat and I vowed I'd never do it again because it totally ruined my day babysitting them.

    As far as drunk boaters go, I'd like to see the Coast Gaurd (on my river) stop folks operating boats in dangerous or irratic ways and give them sobriety tests just like they do street drivers. You can get run over and killed on the water just as easily as you can a street and that's been a proven fact every year.
  19. Bill in SC

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    I don't drink. I used to. Have nothing against drinking, but will not tolerate drunkenness on the boat while fishin'.
    Bill in SC
  20. FourWinds

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    Lawton, Oklahoma
    In Oklahoma there are state troopers that have been assigned state owned boats, OHP insignia affixed, that can and sometimes do go out on the lakes and patrol. They usually only do that during busy holiday weekends, what-have-u, at least around these parts... but they do... do it.

    It seems to me that it's still a DUI but it doesn't go on your driving record at the current time. They're trying to change that to the point that all DUIs are reflected with a designation on your actual physical drivers license that you are issued. At any rate, the State of Oklahoma has for a few decades now held a 'charge' of being in 'actual physical control of a motorized vehicle'... the 'motorized vehicle' is broadly encompassing in this state... you can't go to the bar or the liquor store on your tractor or your riding mower or whatever else to get around potential DUI charges just because you weren't driving your pickup.