Drop away rests vs. shoot through

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Chrisingeorgia, Dec 30, 2005.

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    With all the product hype in the archery market these days it's getting harder and harder to choose bows and accessories (in my opinion). Each time the technology improves and new inovations hit the market place I feel the sudden urge to upgrade my equipment. For years I used the traditional prong style rests and eventually traded off for the newer shoot through models. Now there seems to be so much talk about the new drop rests like Trophy Ridge's "Drop zone," and Muzzy's "Zero effect." Lets hear some of your opinions on the subject. Tell us what style rest you use and how you like it.
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    I'm shooting a drop zone. That thing is the cat's meow!! I resisted for a long time thinking that it was just gimick. I struggled with arrow/riser or arrow/rest contact for too long and talked to a LOT of people that we're sold on dropaways, which finally convinced me to give it a shot.

    They are definitely not gimick. I love it!

    The biscuits are pretty darn good too for pure hunting situations where you don't shoot a lot of arrow.

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    I shoot a biscuit but my hunting partner shoots the Muzzy Zero Effect on his bow. THere is no doubt it is an amazing thing he has Robin Hooded 3 arrows this year just shooting 2 at the target a time. It never fails wears out or has the little flaws that seem to come up with the biscuit. Next time for the price difference go for the Zero.