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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by stinkbaitman, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. stinkbaitman

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    south dakota
    are drop aways always always a pain in the butt to install?
    i just bought one on ebay and its taking me forever to figure it out
  2. rairdog

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    I would take it to a bow shop. I installed mine with the football type clamp and was not happy with it so I took it to Gander Mountain and had them lace it in for about 20 bucks. They can also laser it for proper placement.

  3. tkyhnt

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    Depending on type some may be more complicated than others. I purchased one myself this year and had very little trouble with it. If you have a pro shop somewhere close then take it there, may cost a couple bucks but it will be working great by the time you leave. Good luck
  4. massa_jorge

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    would someone mind posting a picture of a drop away rest? i have no idea what they look like.
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    Oklahoma City O
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    Dear Brother's, Sister's, and fellow Archers ;
    Yea, Good video!
    I also saw the one with that Korean fellow shooting eggs at 70m and shooting an arrow inside another one already in a target too. This and other great feats were WONDERFUL to look at in slow motion. And did ya notice that he used a RECURVE Bow? Yes, it had all of the balance weights et al but it did not have all the gears, cables, eccentrics, ect!
    The late Howard Hill used to regularly shoot aspirin tablets out of the air with an old fashioned Long Bow!
    I gotta admit, if I was back in the medieval days and was facing some of those famed English Long Bowmen, I would want to be a good quarter of a mile away and further if possible! Those Long Bows typically pulled around 90#'s and the archer normally practiced from 200 yards and Further!
    While many years of training was required to reach this level of expertise, any longbowman worthy of the name could shoot between twelve and fifteen AIMED arrows a minute!
    It was a common saying of the time that a longbowman carried the lives of twelve of the enemy at his belt; that being the number of arrows in his quiver!
    So powerful was this weapon that it's arrows easily pierced chain mail and it, along with the crossbow, was responsible for the change to plate armor which fell to the early Crossbows in part and Firearms that although crude by today's standards, were still lethal enough to kill a Knight behind his plate armor!
    Oops!:crazy: :embarassed: I'm SORRY everyone! I got completely off the subject of the question!!:sad2::embarassed: MY APOLOGIES to EVERYONE!!:sad2:
    I got so excited after watching a few arrow shots that I completely got away from the question and on to one of my favorite activities and subjects!
    I'm going to close before I embarrass myself any further!!
    Again, My Apologies!!
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