Drifting Truman Lake July 8

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  1. Mr.T

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    Went drifting on Saturday around KK Island and had a pretty good day, though we didn't catch anything of any size. Drifted from about 8am to 1pm and caught 15 fish between my dad and myself. Biggest was about 5 lbs. Smallest was less than 6" long. On an 8/0 Gama Circle no less.

    Saw Steve Brown and he said they've been catching good numbers up on Truman but nothing very big. Said they get 54 fish on a trip last Thursday but the biggest lately is just 18 lbs.

    The wind died about noon or so and drifting turned into work. Had to put the trolling motor out and couldn't hold a straight course to save my life. Steve has installed a trolling motor with "Auto pilot" - all he does is point it "thataway" and it takes care of the rest. Sounds like another item to add to my "gotta have one of these days" list...

    Had a hard time finding shad back in the coves - just a few here and there, no big numbers like they were a month or so ago. Best throw of the day came while we were drifting and I noticed a *huge* ball of fish on the sonar - scrambled to get the net out and came up with about 15 shad from one throw.

    Anyway, seems like Truman is starting to return to normal, which is a good thing!
  2. SeedTick

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    Hey Marty it sounds like ya'll had a pretty good day. I got me one of those autopilot rigs this year and they will spoil ya. You will love it for drifting.


  3. elalr

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    sounds like a good time to me. ive been wanting to try drifting but i cant seem to get my boat to run right.may be i should take to someone who knows more about it than i do.
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    I absolutely have to get one of those auto-pilots. Trolling is just such an aggravation compared to wind-drifting. Even though I'm fairly adept at directing a troll, you just can't relax. A buddy of mine went out and bought an auto-pilot and trolled for an hour without touching the controls or making an adjustment. All he had to do was fish!
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    Thosr auto Pilots work Great. Went to use mine last week and something happeneg wouldent work right Guess Ill have to take it in and have it worked on .Oh well sometimes I guess stuff breaks. J.D.Straka:big_smile: