Drifting, Trolling, & Back Trolling - Definitions

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    I posted this on the end of another thread and got some good responses.
    So I decided to put it on a new thread with more questions.
    I have drifted and trolled before and probably have "back trolled" but wasn't aware I was doing it. :confused2:

    When trolling I have found it better to troll "into the wind" for better control.
    I haven't used the drift socks while trolling, though.

    Please define & expand on these methods

    Again, thanks for your repsonses.
    I am learning a lot from you guys. :smile2:
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    James, Its much easier and a lot less work to go with the wind. Heres an example of a 17ft V hull drifting out the back.

    If ya got enough wind, pick a drift line with the wind where you want to drift. Put your sock or socks straight out the back. The drift sock combined with the wind will keep the boat straight. If the wind dies some, you can use the trolling motor combined with the sock to speed up if needed.

    Now should the wind get to high for yours socks to slow ya enough. You can use the trolling motor in the front turned and facing the back to try and slow ya down. That is back trolling.

    I'd suggest hiring Capt. Ron Howard of Santee with Roundhill Guide Service. He is a great guy and you'll learn all you need to know about drifting the right way in one trip. He is the #3 catman in the country, You'll be learning from the best!

    Hope my post helped a little
    Pop Pop

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    I second the ROUNDHILL idea I went with him 3 week's ago and got alot of little tip's from him that not only has helped me with drifting but with still fishing also. It was well worth the money to see it first hand from someone who know's what there doing.I'm a rookie at this drifting stuff so I feel like me giving Info. would be wasting your time.
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    Thanks for the info.
    Yep, I believe U guys are right.
    Sounds like I need to book a trip with Cap'n Roundhill for sure.
    Got some back surgery heading my way in a few weeks.
    The Doc says no boats for 4 - 6 months :sad2:

    While I'm recuperating, I'll probably do a lot of fishing via computer.
    Will be sending out more questions as they pop up.

    Thanks again!