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    pleasant h
    does any one use drift socks and how do they work for you?:cool2:
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    Drift Socks?? Ya I use them all the time Steve.You are planning on being at the Big Mo. Gathering in may Right?? They Work Good to slow the boat down when your drifting and It's windy out.But I will also use mine (The Large One) as a Holding and Show Bag.You can see how good it works in May at the gathering when you come down to where I have My boat tied up to Look at the Large Flathead Cat that I will be a Catching to win the BIG Fish Trophy that will be awarded Me and then taken back to Iowa to be displayed in the Rotonda at the State Capitol Building in Des Moines Iowa. That way when your up this way ( All My Missouri Brothers and Sisters) you can stop in and See the Trophy.:wink: ,Also You will most likely only need the Small size drift sock if you are going to use it as a holding and show bag also !! I Hope this Helps,J.D.

  3. Catfish Pursuit

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    I dont have one yet but will be getting one soon. When I fished with Steve Brown he used a drift sock and showed me how it worked. We used it for drift fishing up on the lake. Basically its like a small parachute that you put in the water to control the boat as it drifts. He used it off of the back of the boat to keep the boat drifting straight so the rods could be fished directly behind the boat. In my 14 foot Jon last year I was broke so I used a plastic 5 gallon bucket which worked but that boat was light. I guess if I'm too broke I can just pull one of the chute's off my race car while I'm fishing. Chris
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    I have 2, and work great for keeping boat positioned in the wind and controlling drift speed,,,,
  5. Dsage

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    I have a sock but I mostly use the buckets. A lot depends on the area fishing, the buckets take a beating and last for ever. I had a buddy trash 2 socks in a week fishing some of the areas around here. So now I always have both in the boat.
  6. bluejay

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    I have one that I use for drifting Steve. It holds my boat OK. I think it is a five foot. Actually made for a boat bigger than mine but that is better than being to small.
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    I have 2 of them ,one for when the winds not to bad ,then a big one that i use when the white caps are out ,wouldnt drift without one,