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    Having been mostly a bank fisherman in my previous life, I am totally green in the boating department. I have seen comments concerning "drift fishing" and would be grateful if some kind soul could explain the concept to me.:confused2:
    I'm just doodlin' my life away...
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    Well, I may be wrong, so someone correct me, but from my understanding of things, drift fishing is where you throw your rods out into the wind, or downstream, and let the wind or the current take both the boat and the bait. What this accomplishes is some fish feed where the wind/current will take food to them, and this will 'drift' your bait right into their face. I have heard it is a good method for catching fish when they are spawning, since they don't eat much unless it is right by their nest. Also note: I believe that if you want to do it with a slip sinker rig, then you have to have a boat. Otherwise, you have to use a bobber. Hope this helps :big_smile:

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    When I put Drift fishing in the search above. Theres 11+ pages came back.

    Do you plan on drifting in current? Or a lake?
    River I control the drift. I Us the trolling motor to slow the boat. With current running say 3 MPH I slow the boat to around 1 to 1.5 MPH. And my bait behind the boat. At an angle. This allows the bait to say in front of a fish longer. And also for the fish to have a chance at the bait before i get the boat over it.Bumping the sinker along the bottom. Let it sit a few seconds then pump the rod and allow the sinker to move down again.

    With little current or no current. i try to keep the bait near bottom. but not dragging on bottom. Fishing straight down, I allow the sinker to hit bottom and then pick it up a a few inches. Then every few feet let it fell bottom again.
    But this is with only one rod per person.

    Even in a lake I use th trolling motor to control the boat and speed. Or to drag the boat along. With me if you don't have control of the boat and bait your just hauling water.
    I see it every year. People will come by us while we are catching fish. And there words are, How are you catching all those fish and we are not catching fish? Well there trolling motor is not in the water or just used to move the boat when it turns.
    WE will be using the same bait and fishing the same water. And theres days we will catch 100 lbs of eating size fish in 4 + hours and they fish all day and can't catch 10 fish.

    So to me its all in control. IF you do not have control of the boat and bait. Your only at the mercy of the current and wind.
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    drift fishing can be done several ways. you can use your trolling motor to make a drift or you can use the wind. i like the wind method better myself. the method i use for drifting is use a small cork on your leader to float the bait/hook off the bottom while its being dragged across the bottom. it takes some getting use too. watching the rods bounce like they do but when you get a fish on you will know it. i wouldnt use this method without some type of rod holders. i make long cast and then let out a little more line depending on the water depth and the amount of weight. i think you are better off using a soft tiped rod with this method, so its not jerking so much on the bait. also with the extra line you let out the bait will stay on the bottom better. this method seems to work great until we get a thermocline in our lakes. you need to play with drifting speeds to find what works best in your water. you can use buckets or drift socks to slow the boat. i really like to drift on them windy days when nobodies on the lake. tie you some extra leaders before you go because you will get hung up. hard bottom areas seem to produce better on my lakes.
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    Jeb much has been said allready and its good info.Basically it gives you a good method of covering lots of productive water in a reasonable amount of time.It is the preferred summertime method of fishing by most of the guides at Santee.I use spinning reel because normally we drift with about 75 yds of line out on 4-6 rods.Spinners retrieve that line far faster than BCs do which you will appreciatewhen moving back upwind or to another location.I use 80lb braid tied to a swivel then 30" leader with a small float on it and a 7/0 Kahle nickel hook.You can use the wind or a trolling motor but I would highly recommend that you use drift socks of the correct size for your boat.Good rod holders are also highly recommended.I use Down East holders with great success.Drifting rivers is somewhat different due to the current but the same basic principals apply.It isn't as easy as you would think as you have to "Tend " your rods constantly to keep from snagging and you will lose some terminal tackle as you go.Hope this helps,if not just ask your questions.:smile2:
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    Jeb, I rig up pretty much like Jim. I usually anchor fish until about May then I strictly drift fish by then the fish are pretty much spread out and you can cover alot more ground usually with better results. I rig up with an 18 to 24 inch leader. I keep Eagle Claw 5/0 and 7/0 nickel plated Kahles and 8/0 through 10/0 Eagle Claw Black King Kahles in the box.We run up to 10 rods at a time and I match the hook size to the bait size. occasionally I will use a Eagle Claw 5/0 trebble and load each trebble with cut bait. I will peg a small cigar float 5 to 8 inches from the bait. I use 130# black barrel swivels. I use 40# test ande for leaders and 25# on the main line. On the main line I use a #12 snap swivel with a 2 to 3 inch drop wth 12# attached to a 2 oz. bell sinker. Rigged this way your dragging or bouncing yor sinker on the bottom and your bait stays suspended usually all that will hang is the sinker and it will brake pretty easy with the lighter line. We usually set all lines at different depths and drag a couple behind 20 to 40 yards and if we start catching fish at a certain depth we will set all rods at that depth. The only other thing I can add is go slow weather you have to use a drift sock or the trolling motor try to drift at a speed of less than .5 miles per hour. Good Luck 777