Drift fishing the Ohio River in Indiana

Discussion in 'INDIANA RIVERS TALK' started by bigcatJoe, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. bigcatJoe

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    Any body know where to try drifting for some blues around Madison. I never try drifting before. So any help would be nice.
  2. ka_c4_boom

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    yeah joe try drifting in the river :lol: but seriously thats where the fish are . iv drifted every where from carolton to west port 1' to 60' sometimes you get fish sometimes you dont me and my brother vern (vlparrish) have fished the ohio river there most of our lives but theres no gurantee that we catch fish every time out we drifted the barge lane last night for an hour had a couple runs but no hook ups , drifting is a hit or miss kind of thing . just get out there and doit but by all means be careful and remember if in the barge lane the barges have the right of way and they cant stop on a dime and usually dont try . it helps if you have a depth finder you dont want to snag up drifting thats a good way to lose a rod . last time out we marked fish suspended at 18' but like i said no hook ups , its a game of chance , good luck let us know how you do

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    listen to chuck, him and his bro are the best driftfisherman I know.
  4. vlparrish

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    Joe, I usually drift in the slower water. You can have some luck fishing the faster water if you control your drift or catch it when the wind is in your favor. I have drifted just about every where from the bridge at Madison down river to Westport, KY. There really is not a right or wrong place to drift. Fish can be caught anywhere drifting, remember they are in moving schools. Some places are harder to drift though because of the large amounts of structure on bottom. We use a simple three way rig which consists of a five ounce bank sinker tied at the end of the line, then a nice size J-style hook tied on a six inch dropper 18 to 24 inches above the sinker. I like the 8/0 cat maxx hooks, they are sharp and strong. There is a great thread that has a lot of information about drift fishing in the Blue cat section. If I were you I would go there for some info. Also I strictly bottom drift, I have yet to catch a fish suspended while drifting. Let the sinker have constant contact with the bottom. Rodholders are a must for this kind of fishing, unless you use 1 rod and hang on to it. When the big blues hammer it on the drift it's time to hang on. I drift in at least 20 feet depths and prefer 30+. Vern
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    Drifting the ohio has been one of the best methods ive used. You have to be very attentive and be ready for barge traffic. All it takes is one tree in the channel bottom, and every pole you have is snagged. And having a good depth finder will save you money on tackle. Also watch the wind directions and the current boils to try to see which path you're going to take and make a run over it with your depth finder to be prepared. A foot or two off the bottom has been best for me. Havent caught anything suspended higher than that. I havent tried letting the bait drag the bottom, but i think thats a good way to lose all your tackle quick, unless you're talking about having your sinker drag bottom. Give it a try sometime, it definately pays off.
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