Drift Fishing On Lake Monticello Help

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    Like i Said in previous quote things, i do alot of fishin on Monticello and anchoring is an on and off thing. Can yall give me some tips on what i need to do to drift. I have a 16 foot John boat. I have the rods, i can get the bait, i just need to know how to drift.:big_smile:

    Please Help
  2. santeefishhunter

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    At Santee I use a 1 3/4 oz pencil weight with a 3 foot leader. I put a 2 1/2" cigar float 4" abobe the bait. I use a 8/0 circle hook. Let them go all the way to the bottom and run out a little ways. If you have no wind use the trolling motor. GOOD LUCK! FISHHUNTER

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    freeman,look at the top of the page.click on table of contents,go to the bottom half of that page.look for DRIFTING SLIP BOBBER LURES.this is the way I like to drift for cats.there is a lot of GOOD info in the members library. GOOD LUCK FISHING.
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    If you use the rig that he has described you will put fish in the boat. Good luck and loaded rods!!