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    Anybody do any drift fishing? My brother got me started on it and i've had some luck just curious what is a good size hook to use. Curious how people have been setting there lines up also. I see some people with slack and some with tension on there line. I have been using a bullet weight with clamp weight about 10 inches from the hook and the hook being at the bottom. Using anywhere from 3-9 ot hooks. Anyone have any advice on there sets?

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    I typically use a bottom bouncer sinker just heavy enough to maintain contact with the bottom. I tie a 5-8 ought Gamakatsu Cirecle ( size to the size cats targeted) using apalomar leaving about a 12-18 inch tag to which I use a clinch knot to tie my sinker placing the sinker on the bottom. Also when I drift my line angle is approx 45% meaning no cast just toss out about 5 feet from the boat and let out enough line for sinker to contack bottom and perhaps 2 feet more. Put in secure rodholder, tight line and have fun.
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    Welcome to the BOC!!

    I have never drift fished but that a good article and some good advice from Shawn!

    Good Luck on the water. May all of your fish be monsters:cool2::cool2:

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    We do a lot of drift fishing on the santee cooper lakes here, mostly using a rig like pictured in the article link above. I picked up a dvd from walmart once (Infisherman Classic Catfishing) that has a pretty good section of drifting in general. It's well worth the cost, IMO. There alre also other threads on this forum that will help. Just do a search.
    If you have a lot of bottom structure, such as stumps or logs, like we do, then the slinky weight as shown in the link is the best way to go. They hang up a lot less than anything else.
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    Hi Eric. Well This is how I drift fish and have perty good luck. first I tie on a swivel to my main line and then I make a 12/14 inch leader with #25 pound big game I think its the best and super tough. I tie on a 04/05 kahlie hook as they are my favorite hook and the hook up rate is great and then i tie it to the other end of my swivel . now just above my swivel on my main line I put on a number 1 split shot just enough weight to get it on the bottom and my favorite baits to use are bluegill filets and heads and also crappie filets. check your local game and fish laws in your state to make sure its legal first to see if you can use them for bait. Here in Iowa it is as long as they were cought with rod and real. now to prepair your bait i just scale the fish and then take a filet off both sides leaving the skin ON as it helps to keep it on the hook also make shure the hooks are sharp as the old catfish have tough mouths.and just hook the bluegill heads through the eyes, also I don't use the crappie heads as they have a large mouth and it tends to drag on the bottom and pick up mud and such unlike the Gill heads which have small mouths and its not a proublem. now turn your boat side ways with the wind and let it drift don't throw your line way out 15/20 yards should be good depending on the depth of the lake and keep it at a 45 degree angle or so. now some times if the wind is blowing perty good you will have to add another solit shot to keep the bait on contact with the bottom, and also might have to use a drift sock or two to slow the drift down as slower is better than faster. you can see your rod tip bouncing just a little as it makes contact with the bottom. I do alot of drifting at night so I have the the first 18 Inches of the rod painted white as to see the tips of them better at night. I also tape a glow stick on the tips with a pice electrial tape.you can purchase the glow sticks at wal-mart or the bait shop,they are about an inch and a half in lenght and cost about $2.00 a pack and will last all night.I have cought some swell channel cats fishing like this and I know you will to. also I prefer to use spinning reels for my drifting because the channels don't get as large as Flats and blues a #15 pounder is a good one and the spinning rods handle them nicely. I use the bait casters though when useing live baits for the big boys. Not to say that spinning reels don't work for them also that just isen't ture this is just my preferance. Good luck your friend and Brother. J.D.Straka :smile2:
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    I think you got plenty of good advice on how to get started just want to add my two cents...

    I use a three way swivel it's a saltwater type and it's sold at bass pro shops...It's more of a tee than a y design which reduces the amount of tangles....

    I only use about 10 lb. test on my sinker line if it gets hung up the sinker line will break instead of loosing my main line....

    I use circle hooks the motion of the drift is enough to "set" the hook.

    Good luck..
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    I also use a three way and circle hooks with a little lighter line for the sinker but I put my clicker on and back the drag off until it will let the rod load up before line peels off to set the hook then just pick up your rod tighten the drag a little and start reeling.