Drift Fishing A Lake for Catfish

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    Original post made by Jim Leonard(Catfishfever) on June 13, 2003

    I always keep the end of the drift sock closed as tight as it will go. It always baffled me to as to why she'd always drift sideways to the wind, as I said above, even with a sock on the front of each tube, she'd go sideways, regardless of the wind velocity. Here's the two socks I use, first one is a Cabelas, it comes with an aluminum hoop. But I found it works just as good without it, plus it's easier to store. Another modification I use is to put my retrieval line on the outside of the sock. The pic in the catalog and enclosed directions show to have it on the inside. All this does is turn the sock inside out when you retrieve it. With the line on the outside it just turns the toe of the sock around, it comes in MUCH easier this way. The pic of the second sock is a DriftControl. It's smaller and I only use it on the aft end if the wind gets above 20mph. It comes with two integral floats on top and two weights on the bottom, a very good piece of equipment IMHO.



    I keep the retrieve line tied, if the drag line should break, this will save your sock, I did have a drag line rub, fray and break one time, lost one of the Cabelas socks, won't happen anymore with the new system.