Dressing for this weather? fall/winter

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  1. MOfisher314

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    How do you guys/gals dress in this weather? Fire or no fire. I am wondering if I am dressing to warm/cold. Sometimes I am sweating while fighting a fish and have to take layers off but then I get cold again and other times I am just freezing.

    Fall: 50F-30F
    Top- Thick Hoodie or Workman Jacket, Basic Layers
    Bottom- Jeans with Boots

    Winter: 30F-(anything below)
    I layer up with Under Armour.
    Top- Hoodie or Big Workman Jacket, Shirt(s), Gloves, Hat,
    Bottom- Jeans, Sweatpants over, Tall Socks, Boots
  2. cook

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    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    Hooded sweatshirt with overalls,gloves,knit cap.If real windy a baklava to cover my face.
    Also I carry a 5 gallon bucket for gear/seat-I'll save the half used sterno fuel from work,light 1 in the bucket,and sit over it.Keeps the buns warm :):)

    My truck is a F-250 with a 460 V8,it never seems to warm up even with a 180 thermostat,lake is only 5 miles away.A couple of those sternos warm it up a little.

  3. Mr.T

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    I've got some good insulated underwear that actually *works* - the fabric is a combination of polyethylene and wool and it'll keep you warm. That cheap old fashioned "long underwear" from Wal-Mart that we all grew up with just doesn't work.

    On top of that, I'll wear heavy wool socks, Gore-tex boots, jeans and a sweatshirt, plus a hooded sweatshirt. If it's really cold, I've got a set of "Big Smith" insulated coveralls (cheap version of Carhartt's). Throw in a good knit stocking cap and some wool mittens with a place for hand-warmer packets and I stay warm pretty much no matter the temperature.

    The key, as I'm sure you're well aware, is to wear lots of layers -- I'd much rather be over-dressed than under-dressed; you can take layers off but you can't add them if you didn't bring them along...
  4. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    I know this is heresy but jeans are one of the worst things you can wear in cold weather.They just have to many negatives if you are trying to keep warm and dry.They are also a death trap if you fall in from shore or boat.No cold weather survival course,class or book I ever attended or read advocated jeans at all.They wear like iron and are good looking (particularly if there is a cute physically fit female wearing them) and the clothing item of choice for a good part of our population in this country but they just aren't very good at staying dry and warm.I use Gore-tex with fleece liners for moderate temps down to freezing then Gore-Tex thinsulate for below freezing.Gore tex boots,something warm usually of fleece for the head and ears and fleece gloves.Gore tex gloves if its raining.Some of those chemical pac handwarmers also help.:smile2:
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    I worked outside for the Railroad in OK,KS and TX, This year I am going to a gortex, thinsulate pro guide suite, water proof, hooded jacket. I have high hopes because I do not stopping fishing because it is cold.
    Cabellas seems to have the best I have found so far, although the pants and jacket are a little pricey.
  6. Willy

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    In the winter we use GoreTex duck hunting bibs and Jackets that we have found work really good. If you watch Dicks Sporting Goods stores they have stuff on clearence around thankgiving and I really scored bigtime a couple of years ago. Goretex gloves also work well. Several years ago I was going through back problems and found heat packs that were made for your lower back that last 8 to 10 hrs. If you place in the kidney area I am sure cold weather will not be a problem no more as the heat packs keep the blood in your lower back area good and toasty and if your feet and head are well protected your good to go. I have used this system in weather in the single didget temps and got along good.Take hot food along too and ya can fish all winter long.