Dreamers... what do you dream?

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  1. sal_jr

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    Ithaca, MI
    My best friend is fascinated with dreams. As far as I can remember back, he has written them down, asked for other people to write them down and share them with him... He gets into them.

    He posted for about the 5th or 6th time on myspace asking folks to share em and some of the responses he gets from anonymous people are really interesting. So he got me thinking now... and Im gonna do the same here. Sometimes theyre funny. Sometimes theyre frightening, and sometimes although they can be bizarre, there are dreams that we all sorta have, but are modified for our experience, although generally following a universal pattern... such as being naked in public or falling through the sky or space.

    So- what do you dream? Share it for fun! Here is my response to his most recent request:

    Do you wish to fly
    on the neurological lightning
    of another person's grey matter?
    Do you see something bigger or fatter
    In your dreams
    that you wish to attain
    via another brain?
    Well brother, I maintain
    that this fascination
    that this dream to dream of dreams
    this escape to escape your escape
    is far larger than our lives
    and is a key to the real
    and palpable
    floating heaven within
    that you cannot seem
    to set down
    its time
    to expose
    itself to you
    on its own terms.

    I fly in sleep.
    We all do.
    We all want to slip the surly bounds
    of reality... of life... of pain
    shoot to another universe
    again and again
    And surely our best opiate
    to gravity and the fetters of breath
    is just to sleep it off
    and be anything,nothing,something
    other than what we are,have been,will be
    and thus our addiction grows to it
    toward sleep.

    When we sleep our eternal sleep
    will it be eternity
    of constant flying
    no living
    no dying
    or will it be reality
    and our short time here
    merely the dream?

    Did you ever consider it like that?

    OK man... So-
    I had a dream the other night that I was in a flight hangar in Germany in WWII. I was trying to show Hitler, two nazi soldiers, and Eva Braun how to use a pistol to kill themselves, as the armies were closing in. I would unload the gun and in english explain and show how you put it to your head and pull the trigger, then I would load it and give it to Hitler. He would take it from me and repeat what I did- unload, put to head, pull trigger, reload, then hand it back. I got frustrated because I didnt want him to unload it but I didnt know german well enough to tell him how I wanted him to do it.
    Eventually I got too upset and I did them all in myself by pistol whipping em to death.

    Then the dream got real wierd... lol) I hopped in an american F-14 and took off for my house. As I was flying, I remmber the sound- the same sound a single engine prop-plane made, permeated the cockpit. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the same droning noise I remember from my time in flight school. LOL. A prop-plane sound for a jet powered craft! LOL!
    Anyhow I flew home and landed in my own driveway. I laugh about it now cause my driveway is only 100 feet long and I remember purposely cutting it short cause there is a part of my drive where the septic tile runs to the septic field and I didnt want to touch down there because I didnt want to crush the tile with the heavy F-14. I popped out of the plane and like any other day I greeted the dog, went into the house, had dinner, laid down to bed, and then woke up out of the dream for real
    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    SO.... What do you have?​
  2. Wil

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    Minden Nebraska
    i remember this one like it just happened cuz i just woke up, lol. ok here goes..

    my dream is in late october(how i know that i dont know) and my girlfriend came down for halloween(i dont have a girlfriend), we were sitting in my basement watching t.v. when i went upstairs to the fridge to get a mt. dew. but when i got up there, there were zombies everywhere and laying on the gound was a decorated scottish claymore with the inscription "wil, use this sword to hack through the zombies to the graveyard to find the source." so i did, and when i got there, there was this rabbit and i had to punt this rabbit 1000 yards to make the zombies go away, knowing i couldnt do it i had to find these special boots called rabbit punting boots which would allow me to kick the rabbit the 1000 yards, but the boots were all the way across town(in my basement) so i had to hack my way across town again to get the boots from my base ment, i got the boots and headed back but when i got there the zombies were everywhere and laura croft and keanu reeves came to hold the zombies off while i punted the rabbit, i punted the rabbit and they went away so i went fishing, i latched onto this huge cat but right before it surfaced it got away...

  3. Kyle

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    Kansas City - Olathe
    Pretty detailed there Wil, sounds like a video game or something!! HAH At least you had a good one on..

    I dream of catfishin too..usualy thats all my dreams are about, fishing, occasinaly hunting. Freedom. And a United States without a congressman named John Murtha hehehe
  4. ryang

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    I dream about Tea's avatar that it keeps changing LOL, when I wake up its different :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Wil

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    Minden Nebraska
    professional help? i already got it and if u think i need it AGAIN then i guess it didnt work. LOL
  6. Big Sam

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    I dream the Lifetime channel has been discontinued!:tounge_out:
  7. SubnetZero

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    Have you ever had a great dream and right at the climax of it, you wake up. You then try to hurry up and go back to sleep to continue the dream. As your falling asleep, you start out the same, but now its morphed into some bizarre version of it heh.. When I say bizarre, I mean its not even in the same realm of what the original was, and then you wake back up again po'd that you couldn't continue the original hehe. Intriguing how the mind works sometimes...

    Please don't let this post Hi-Jack Sal's Thread, its and insteresting topic...
  8. FishMan

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    I have been a dreamer all my life about all kinds of things but have one that has been with me all my life and the only thing I can remember about it is that I have really big hands, I mean my hands are like 10 times biger than normal.
  9. sal_jr

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    Ithaca, MI
    Some of the stuff posted here is really intriguing!

    Every so often I dream of sleeping... and I know Im dreaming about sleeping when I do it. Generally It happens just before my alarm goes off. Its a surreal dream when it happens because my mind acts as though it is choreographing my sleep as a director choreographs a film. Ill be laying there telling myself Im still sleeping and then just before my alarm goes off, Ill mention something to myself about it... like "cue the alarm" or "ok, enough." or "the alarm will go off ....right.... now" and then "beep beep beep" there it goes. Some days Ill get up out of the dream and actually get across the room and have the alarm clock in my hand before it goes off.
    How does my mind keep count of the time and even the very seconds while I snooze? Most days I get 5 or 6 hours of sleep... usually Ill glance at the clock long enough to make sure the alarm is on before going to lay down for the night... but the alarm clock faces away from my bed and I keep it across the room. HOW DOES THE MIND KNOW?

    I used to shut off my alarm in my sleep. I mean it was a real problem. Thats why it faces away from the bed and is across the room from the bed too- I have to work to get to it and usully wake up trying.

    My buddy Andy is right... dreaming really is one of the coolest experiences any person can have!:big_smile: :big_smile:
  10. Taliesin

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    Something sad? I use four alarm clocks, and have been known to turn them all off while I am still asleep. That includes the ones across the room from me.

    Heck... My alarm would go off and scare my room mate while he was awake!
  11. catman529

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    I once had this dream that I caught a 50-lb flathead in the creek. A little impossible and I was disappointed when I woke...