Dream Hunts.. Where would yours be?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by bull_head, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. bull_head

    bull_head Guest

    k fellow hunters where would you go for a Dream Deer Hunt and why?

    myself I would love to go on a Kansas Whitetail farmland hunt during the
    winter ... for some reason I love Winter Hunts better ... I cant take the heat
    is probaly the reason ... plus its easier to track a deer when theres snow
    I have hunted Pa all my life and I wouldnt change any of the hunts for anything but to see one of these Farmland Bruisers from the Jayhawk state
    coming at you has always been a dream of mine ....

    If i had to pick a second dream hunt it would be in Canada ... anywhere there deer up there they are HUGE ... i cant remember how to spell the one
    area in particular but its an island ... i think its called Anacosti ... that would be my second choice ...

  2. BullDaddy

    BullDaddy New Member

    Bossier City, La.
    If I went to Canada it would have to be Saskatchawon(?) but anywhere in the Black Belt through Alabama or Mississippi would suit me just fine.

  3. hookeye

    hookeye Guest

    I would love a shot at one of those big Iowa monsters. I have a hunting buddy who is from Iowa and man has he downed some beauties. He and another buddy went out there last year for shotgun season and brought home some of the meat. I tell you, I don't know if it was the difference in their diet or what but those are some of the best eating Deer I have ever eaten.
  4. bassadict69

    bassadict69 New Member

    Benton, Louisia
    After my last couple of deer seasons, I would have to say...ANYWHERE WITH DEER! :rolleyes:
  5. brian sax

    brian sax Guest

    after just watching realtree outdoors montana looks pretty good. i also would like to go to illinois and shoot one of them mel johnson style bucks.

    cant wait till deer season,the first is going to be the best
  6. SSG Johnson

    SSG Johnson Guest

    My land and be in the tree the Tine buck walks under put the camera out and got a good look at him from my stand with bino's hopefully he will come to my salt lick and I will get a pic of him.
  7. coalminer78

    coalminer78 Guest

    I've dreamed of a muskox hunt for some reason. I would love to hunt a big old moose also.
  8. going_crazy46

    going_crazy46 New Member

    My dream hunt be to go elk hunting and get a real nice one.
  9. NoCat2Big

    NoCat2Big Guest

    My front porch...

    Hot coffee is only feet away, if I get cold I can go stand inside the storm door.
    Them 4 legged antlered varmints come right through my yard. I'm surrounded by woods and the corp land starts 30 acres away.. Plenty of acorns and Truman Lake just down the creek a short walk. They are thick around here this year.

    Oh, did I forget to mention not having to lug that thing 2 miles up and down these rocky hills?

    I couldn't ask for a better hunting spot.
  10. Southernraised84

    Southernraised84 Guest

    I love it out here in sampson couty North Carolina. Its just a small town in the middle of nowhere called Roseboro.My family had owned land out there since befor the Civil war.My grandfather and father shot there first deer on this land and the same goes for me.It has a big swamp that runs through it sorounded by corn fields as well as bean fields not to mention alot of woods. I guess there is just something about family land...dont know
  11. s_self88

    s_self88 New Member

    Shawnee, Kansas
    My dream hunt would be going for big game in Africa.
  12. centralcalcat

    centralcalcat Guest

    I think that my dream hunt would be for a trophy Muledeer either in Colorado or northern New Mexico.
  13. FastenalFishing

    FastenalFishing Guest

    My dream hunt came true last year. I went to Saskatuan,Canada. I killed the biggest buck I could have ever imagined. 13 points scored 163 3/4 B & C. He weighed aropund 275 lbs.
    I must have seen 30 or 40 8 pointers in four days. Take lots of warm clothes.
  14. gunny169

    gunny169 New Member

    Jacksonville, N
    My Dream Hunt would be in the woods of maine and about 4 or 5 inches of fresh tracking snow on the ground and a smoking hot buck track :)
  15. willisjj

    willisjj Guest

    I would love to get up to Wyoming and get into a big herd of jackelopes!

    Lol, seriously though, I would love to go on a big game hunt in Africa, either hippos or elephants although I don't know if the elephants are still legal to hunt at all.
  16. SSG Johnson

    SSG Johnson Guest

    Im trying to get orders to Alaska just to hunt carrabu and Moose I think that would be a dream hunt.
  17. VerotiK

    VerotiK Guest

    Be careful what you ask for SSG. My dad got orders for alaska in the early 70's when he was in the airforce. They shipped him to Shemya AFB. Its one of the last on the chain of the Aluetian islands. I think the whole island was 1 square mile. He was there for a year and saw the sun 3 times. I guess where they are at, and the way the surf hits the rock, it produces serious fog, so its foggy and super windy all the time. Hopefully you'll get mainland if you get it.
  18. derbycitycatman

    derbycitycatman Well-Known Member

    your first name
    I get to go on my dream hunts every year here in KY. Its about 3 1/2 miles from the house and a 1/4 mile to my stand. I dont see all the deer some on here are talking about but there are some bruisers running around. I usually see 1 or two a day If im lucky. Its a dream hunt every time I get to see the sunrise and watch the woods come to life. :)
  19. center12

    center12 Active Member

    Central, I've chased Mulies in Southern N.M., Lincoln county to be exact. Also went south from there and did the desert mule deer thing..........those deer put our KS Mulie's to shame in the IQ department!! I like to hunt hogs anywhere, N.M mulies is the best bang for the buck and Oregon elk hunting is an experience I'd love to do again but sit me down right in the middle of the Caribou migration with 2 bow tags in my pocket..........now that's my dream!!

    By the way, KS is overrated :p
  20. crazy

    crazy New Member

    Kansas CIty, MO
    Mt. Lion hunt over dogs. I just love coon hunting over dogs so I figure that would be more of a thrill.