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Original post made by Darryl Carter(DRC) on April 11, 2005

i got tired of leaning poles in available corners in our laundry room and wife wasn't thrilled about it either so with scrap materials
ive made a prototype that i will redo with nicer wood and more craftsmanship at a later date.
but for now the gear is up off the floor and out of the corners heres a few pics of the project
my son and i slapped together tonite .
its not much to look at but it serves its purpose and it was practally free
the foam was out of a water heater box they pack
with the new ones its nice thick material
i just cut 1 inch thick donuts half each of them
and cut the halfs to make them thinner as the pic shows below .
after inserting the strips into the rod tip slots
i secured them with a short drywall screw.
its temp. so if you take your time you could glue them in place . i need to drop the height of the top section down about 8 inches or so to accomodate a couple 5'6" ultralite setups we got .


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Continued from previous post by Darryl Carter

heres some info hope it helps let me know if you need addition info and i'll be glad to help

my pistolgrip poles dont fit in the 1 3/4 holes
but i only have a couple and they kind of sit in place i might bore them out but plan on remakeing a new one also if you can tell by the pics the 4 inch spread is just enough but you might want to increase it by a 1/2 inch or more to keep them from touching 4 inch spread works fine for me as you can see there are wider abus
in there and they fit fine .also the 3/4 pipe insulation (black foam) you can get at hardware stores may work better ,at least quicker as all you have to do is cut the donuts and go but
i had the other stuff sitting there and went ahead and used it.
additional info :
the overall height placement from the top of my
upper rack to to top of my lower rack is 54"
but it needs to be 8 inches less due to my shorter ultralite rods so 46" from top to top
would accomodate most all setups ... mine anyhow.
adjust yours to fit your needs
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