Drag Washers on Abu 5500

Discussion in 'Reel Repair and Upgrades' started by paleocaver, Sep 24, 2005.

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    First off, Abu, thanks for taking the time to answer all our silly questions. That said, and to obligate you to answer mine :>)

    My mom's Abu 5500 is in pretty decent shape, used regularly but now the drag will not tighten down. Hooked it to my digital scale and pulled steady and it slips at less than 6 lbs. That's tightend all the way. Family has a bad habbit of tightening the drag and leaving it, which I heard crushed the washers.

    How big of a task is it to change them. Any part # suggestions for

    SN 990403

    Thanks much.

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    Hi Scott.... The drag washers for your reel are part number #5500CA (Abu Part #20907) Set of 4 smoothie washers $5.00, Xtreme Smoothies $6.50 and Carbontex Smoothies are $9.00. I would recommend the Carbontex with a very light coating of Cal's Universal Reel and Drag Grease. You can order them by phone from Smooth Drag @ 760-949-0271. Here is a great link with lots of good information and explaining how to install the 3 drag set that fits your reel. Drag Installation Web Page The page shows how the washers fit but doesn't show you step by step how to tear the reel down to get there. I will try to put up a web page with instructions and photos sometime this week.