Drag settings - How tight do most of you have your drags set?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Cuda, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Cuda

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    How tight do most of you have your drags set? I use 30# line and have mine set at 15# checked with a scale. On a shakespeere skp 2000 reel. What reel, line test and drag setting are you using? Just like to know how tight you have your set for the line you use and reel. Mike
  2. biga

    biga Well-Known Member

    if i am fishing in the trees i tighten it all the way down and hog them out !! i dont want them taking line and getting me wrapped up in something...

  3. katfish ken

    katfish ken New Member

    It depends on structure. if there is a lot of timber and logs I tightendown pretty tight . If there is little timber I set about half of # test of line.
  4. payton350

    payton350 New Member

    I test my drag by pulling on the line if the line breaks it is to tight.
  5. kenlaw76

    kenlaw76 Well-Known Member

    S.E. Pa.
    I would have to agree with the other guys. After I get them a little closer to the bank I back off the drag a little bit. But if you are fishing a few feet from the bank, crank it down and use heavier line than normal and get ready to play tugg a war. The battle is won or lost in the first min. or 2.
  6. lendog

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    berks, PA
    i base it on the fish, if it feels like a smaller one i'll bring them right in, if its a bigger one that wants to run i'll loosen up the drag and let him run some out til he tires unless there is some sort of cover for the fish to head to then i'll crank it up and horse them in a little more but i usually let them run alittle to tire out, sometimes horsing them in ya worry about hook pops
  7. Snagged2

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    Verde Valley AZ
    Depends on line, but, I usually keep it about medium or so, then set it to the fight.

    and, that changes as I'm working them...
  8. poisonpits

    poisonpits Well-Known Member

    i set my drag as tight as my line will allow cause no matter what size fish i have on i want it on the bank or in the boat as soon as posible.im not advacating catch and release cause i keep and eat some of the fish i catch but not all.in my opion lactic acid is the bigest killer of fish caught on rod and reel and the longer the fight last the more acid build up you have so if its a big fish i want it caught take my pics.and let it go as quick as i can.if its a fish im going to keep i want it in the livewell or in the ice chest so i can get my hook back in the water.but this is just me.
  9. Blacky

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    Philadelphia, P
    Set your drag too loose, the flat will take you into a snag.

    Set your drag too tight, the flat can potentially break the line or rip the hook out of it's mouth.

    Just know your waters and adjust your drag accordingly.

    A nice 20+lb flat from the bank usually has 2 fights in them. The inital rip is when it just found out it is hooked. The next fight is when it is getting closer to the bank and see you. It will then turn on it's turbos and try to head back out into the river.
  10. jasonminitruck

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    When using thirty pound line i usually set mine to were that it takes between 25 and 27 pounds of oressure to pull it off the reel. I use my fish scale to messure the pressure needed to pull the line from the reel
  11. Flamekeeper

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    Louisville, Ken
    This is the absolute truth.no butts about it!, Ive had them boys run with a loose drag and get hung up( SNAP! ) or just stop and roll in one spot and pull the hook ( TWING! ) AS FAST as they hit the bait in the first place.

    Or just flat out put a tear *#* Run on and ( POP!! )when it reaches the end of the loose line.

    When you do get them close to the bank or boat ,as you guys know;They see something that they just don't like,:eek:oooh:( Its like they are scared to death of you,and they got to get away, no matter what ):smile2: thats when the fun starts on the second and third and up to 5-6 runs, some just do not want to give up:smile2:

    I take the line and wrap it around my hand 5-6 times and pull the line and tighten the drag until the line starts to dig into the spool on the turn. This set-up with 30#PLine only allowed the 57# blue in my avatar get 4-5' at the most when she took off from the bank,2-3 more runs and a little bit of swimming she was in the net in 10-15min.

    Thats the way I do it..works well.Never had a fish break off or pop a line Due to Drag Pressure since I started doing this 14-15yrs now I believe.:wink: