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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by tomcat85, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. tomcat85

    tomcat85 New Member

    does anyone turn their drag the whole way down on a spinning reel and use it as a bait clicker? would this work
  2. upncomincatfishking

    upncomincatfishking New Member

    Cheviot Ohio
    you might be able to but i would not do it because though it may work when you got a run you would have to tighten your drag back up which might make you miss your fish.you might tighten to much n your line break or not enough and when you go to set your hook it pull slack out and miss it. so i would say it's a bad idea

  3. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    never done that all of mine have an anti reverse switch on them i just turn it off or open the bail and hold the line between my thumb and index finger
  4. just cats

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    Leslie Missouri
    I don't use spinning reels anymore but did for a number of years. I've done that and it does work. I never turned it all the way down but low enough that a fish could pull it quite easily, if it's a good drag you should be able to adjust it to the same tension as a bait clicker. Just have to play with it a bit first and see how many turns to retighten so that you can do it smoothly in a run situation. Most spinning reel drags today are fairly easy to adjust so with a bit of practice to see how far you need to go it shouldn't be hard to get it right. Some even have a lever that will instantly change your setting from light to heavy in one quick flip . I have an pretty old Shimano like that and it worked great .