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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by dtwbcs, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. dtwbcs

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    I also need some advice about setting the drag on my 6500&7000garcias.I've heard "tighten til you cannt pull the line"then back off 1 turn.How would you make the adjustments?
  2. neocats

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    The best advice I can offer is that it is better to have your drag set too loose than too tight.

  3. bigtater

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    Ive always heard to set it for about a third of the #test your using so if you have #30 test #10 of drag should about work. Some one on here a while back had a really good qoute i believe it was "More fish have been lost because of too heavy a drag setting than to light". Hope this helps
  4. ninrugger

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    i'll echo what the previous guy said...err on the side of having it too loose, you can always tighten it down or thumb the spool to slow the fish up. i had the anti-reverse on an abu blow up because i set the hook and the drag was too tight.
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    Just do what these guys said Dan. Keep your drag relatively loose. Depending what lb test your line is, you can go a little tighter on 80lb braid than you would go on 40lb mono. I still have my drag set sorta light, and use my thumb to hold the spool when I set the hook. After that I can easily tighten or loosen the drag while fighting a fish. Even while fighting a fish, I use my thumb to stop the spool more than cranking down the drag. Reason being, If he turns out to be big and I have the drag cranked down tight and he surges (wich he will) I run an increased risk of breaking the line or ripping the hook out of his mouth. I try to only use enough pressure to steer the fish toward the boat in a timely manner. Not jerk him into the boat from 30ft away like the Bass guys do to 2 pounders on 50lb braid lol. Last when you get a big fish close to the boat loosen your drag a good bit, cause when he pops up ans sees you and your buddy shining lights on him he's gonna make one more surge toward the bottom. And you don't want him to snap you off.