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Discussion in 'Bird Hunting' started by johnliester, Sep 2, 2008.

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    Hoxie, Kansas
    Well, dove season started yesterday. Against my better judgement we set up at a waterhole first thing. 4 of us had ten doves by noon. The afternoon was to be spent at a different waterhole with some friends. This is when the problems started. We arrived at the waterhole and it's obvious a couple of the boys had been hitting the aiming oil pretty good. And the brought there friends too. Some of them bragged about shooting 3" 6s at doves because they were tough and could take the kick. Instead of 4-5 guys there ended up being 15. 15 guys around 2 small ponds. My brother and I took great pains to get as far away from the drunks as we could. Forgot about the teenager 40 yards away. Dove comes flying into the pond between the kid and I. I hollered don't shoot just as he cut loose. Yep, he got me. Arrogant little jerk told me I should have ducked. Anyway we left and went back to town. The to the ER to see if any pellets had gotten imbedded. The hospital had to call the law. I guess those boys are still trying to figure how to get out of this pickle. Seems 3 got DUI's. Plus they told the kid he could go to jail for shooting me. He gave them the same excuse, I should have ducked. No remorse at all. Never again will I hunt with more than 3 other people, and teenagers will be monitored very closley, providing I hunt with them at all.
    Thanks for letting me vent, John.
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    Man that sucks. First day of the season and look what happens. People are just plain stupid. I cannot believe that. Well I'm glad you did good in the morning. Sorry the afternoon sucked so bad. Glad to see you are alright, knowing it could of been alot worse.

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    that sucks! i got peppered last year on state land so this year i found a small field on base. didn't think i see that many bird but i saw plenty. i'm ashamed to put this on here but after 3 boxes of shells i only got 3 birds. :angry: i'm sure the other ones were scarred poo less though!!:big_smile:
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    Sorry to hear you got shelled. Next time when you see idoits using aiming lubricant it would be best to leave. I hope for your sake the teenager gets his butt whipped sometime. With an attiude like that I am sure he will.
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    Sorry to hear of that,Glad your ok ,I do love having my own land to hunt,altho sometimes we have to hunt neighboring land to find dove,I never have hunted dove with more than three people and we allways stayed in a line so all shooting was in front of us.,Just remember in the teenagers case,THE APPLE DONT FALL FAR FROM THE TREE!!!
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    Glad to hear you're OK John.WE hunt with as many as 25 guys sometimes when we're pheasant hunting but we're in some big fields up to 320 acres {2 quarter sections}. Don't shoot anything unless you see blue sky underneath it.I don't drink or do any drugs or hunt with anybody who does. I don't even like to eat dove so it ain't worth somebody getting shot for.The one problem is we hunt big sunflower fields during dove season and if you only got a couple of guys the doves will sit down in the field and not fly much.I think having more guys kinda stirs 'em up and keeps them flying more.On this side of the state all we've got is a few public areas and they aren't any good....more hunters than doves but the game warden is right there watching if anybody gets out of line.Be safe....The Dove Cong must be stopped.:angry:
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    I didnt get to hunt opeing day but I hunted a public field here in SC and it was my best hunt ever. It started at 12pm and I havent even pulled the trigger until 1:15 and had my 15 bird limit with 22 shots by 2:30. By far my best showing in the bird field and man was it fun. I am going to cook some on the grill tommorow night and maybe fry a few.:big_smile:
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    Sorry to hear about your hunt. Drinking and guns do not go together. I hope that kid gets taught the right way soon before he kills someone:angry:
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    man i'm glad you didn't lose an eye or something like that. we hunt in large groups sometimes but always in an established line. we also do not allow drinking and hunting, not even a couple beers. there will always be time for that at the barbecue afterwards. if someone wants to drink and hunt, they can find another place and another group! when i take my daughter or nephews hunting, it's always just me and them. not that i don't trust them, but they are learning and i want to cut down as many risk factors as i can. some folks just throw the youngsters to the wolves, and it's scary as hell!