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Dove hunt opened

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Hey Dove hunt opened this weekend. It was good to get out and see some birds. Even seen a few up close and personal...... :)
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Shot a few myself. I dont get all into hunting like I used to. It's just not a priority anymore, but I really enjoy shooting a few birds and knowing I can still get it done.
Yep me too, took my son out for his first shoot. He really enjoyed it!
Good to hear from you out in Utah! I was out there visiting a mining site about five months ago. I remember when my dad would take me out fishing and hunting and how fun it was. Sorry I took a trip down memory lane.. Take care and talk to you soon. :)
Memories, that's what it is all about. Next time in you're town drop a line.
Hey Stacy, cool website man! I looked at some of the pics and my favorite is the sunset off of Long Ridge at Bear's Den. Man that photo looks like one that should be on a postcard! If I ever come back in town I'll give you a hollar. Take it easy.

Thanks Ryan
I really need to update that site. Ya, give a hollar when you're in town.

Hey Stacy. How have you been doin? Just wanted to check up and see how things were going in Utah. I've been busy with work and watching Colts games. We are off to a good start at 11-0. Take it easy man.

Ryan :D
Things are good. Thanksgiving was great I hope yours was as well. We went out and took down a few rabbits, played a little football and really over ate while watching football.

We are just waiting for "ice on" right now, then we are going to rip some lips.

I don't know about those Colts they beat my Steelers pretty badly, but I am glad to see coach Tony kicking but where ever he is, keep cheering them on.

Hey utcat,

I just found this forum and i wanted to ask you about winter fishing Utah lake.
Any luck this winter?

Ice is just now happening. Best bet for fish on Utah lake is in the marina's. Small jigs tipped with meal worm. Change colors til you find the one they like and have a blast. Mostly white bass and you can keep a bucket load of them for a dutch oven fry.

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