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Dove Decoys

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Does anyone out there use Dove Decoys? I've seen them in all the magazines, but have never tried them. I'm kinda sceptical on how good they would work.
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They will work half doz in a dead tree by water or food will work well or if your going for bigger shoot spray paint coke cans dove gray and scatter them around on ground the less grass more dirt it works also have cut deeks out of card board and pull them up in trees or powerlines Never shoot a sitting dove thats cheating
Thanks for the reply. Its only cheating if your friends see it!
I'm going out on the opening day, and I was going to try a few of em and see if it is worth my money to go out and buy a bunch.
My son-in-law and I use a mojo motorized dove decoy and 3 to 6 regular decoys all the time. The motorized decoy with the moving wings simulates a dove attempting to land. We mount it at the top of a tee setup with the other decoys spread out along the tee rod. I have seen doves fly by a hundred yards away, spot the decoys and circle back. Several times we had to get out of the blind to chase away redtail hawks that were showing an interest in it. the mojo sells for around $50 in Cabelas.
You can pick those mojo decoys up at Wallyworld for around $35.00. I also noticed they are carrying a couple of other types.

I like that coke can idea!
Thanks for all the replys fellas. I had no idea that these things actually worked. Learn something everyday
My grandson and I had the mojo motorized decoy set up along with 3 regular decoys. On two occasions we had a pair of doves come in and land on the rod besides our regular decoys. The mojo is attached about a foot above the regular decoys. We had to scare them into flying in order to get a shot. There is no doubt in my mind that unless you are hunting over a large state operated sunflower field that the mojo is a tremendous aid in decoying doves.
I was hunting last week over a new cut cornfield. I put 4 of those foam decoys on cut cornstalks. 3 times I shot a dove coming in to land next to them. They had their wings locked just like a duck. Pretty cool.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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