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(1) when you are finished fishing for the day, back off your star drag before storing your rod and reel. If you don't, the drag acts as a brake and sets up. Example of this is when you park your car for a period of time with the emergency brake on, it will setup and you will not know this until you start the car/truck up and move you will hear a snapping sound. That is the brake breaking loose. This occurs with your reel when you don't release the star drag. When you hear of someone losing a big fish and he/she says that it broke their line, most likely it is the drag that broke the line because it could not release the way it was design too.

(2)the next time before you go fishing, why don't you pull off the line (approx. 6 to 8') from the reel to the end of the rod, plus three or four feet and throw that line in the trash can. My reason for this advice is that this line has been exposed to the sun, has been fished with, has been hit by stuff in your boat, truck or car while transporting it and most likely will have a nick in the line. Also, retie your shock leader and check your hook to make sure it is still sharp.

(3)you should replace your line two to three times a year with line that you have confidence in. The cheaper the line the more often you should replace it.

(4)if you are a smoker here are a few things to consider as it relates to your fishing line. If you have your rod and reels stored in an upright position at the rear of the boat think about this. If you are smoking while you are underway and flicking your ashes where do you think those ashes are going?
Also, when you are just sitting there in the boat and nothing is going on and you light one up and then all of a sudden you get a fish on, get rid of the cig's before you pick up your rod and reel and start bringing the fish in. In the excitement of the fight I have seen several fish lost due to the fisherman letting his cig. hit the fishing line.

(5)too much memory in your fishing line. You can correct this by spraying some contact cleaner on the line (including the spool) or get yourself a mister and spray some water on it. Also, you can let most of your line off the reel while you are traveling at no wake speed for a mile or two and then retrive it and the line will loose all the curls (memory).

(6)do wear your life jacket if you are fishing by yourself because if you don't, you will not have to worry about items 1 thru 5. Mac
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