Don't waste your time on the Grand

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    Don't waste your time on the Grand until the water drops about three feet (it's at 12.0 right now, 2' below flood stage). The current above downtown GR is at 8 or 9 mph and just full of floating leaves & branches & such. Water is only 49 degrees, too.
    Right now would be a good time to find a lake with some shallow bays at the north end that are warmer than the rest of the lake and try to catch a few pan sized channels- which is why I'm looking for info on Sessions Lake.
    It's going to be a while before there's flathead fishing on the Grand, BUT, at least we got to go fishing...
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    Tony, I posted that same question about sessions two months ago and nobody had any info. I'm between that and lake ovid so any info about it would be great. I think it's going to take a recon mission of someone going and trying it out. I've always heard around the dam is good and that was from people who caught them on accident bass fishin'. I'm headed to Lake Ovid April 2 so I'll keep the you guys in the know on how I do.

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    I spoke with a friend that fishes on Sessions from shore. He told me that there is a small bay with a feder creek coming in on the south side next to the picnic area. He said this is a good spot early in the year. he is not sure about the depth, but he is sure he has caught some good eater cats as well as bass and specks. He took me to this spot about 12 years ago and, of course, i didnt catch anything but not to worry the curse should be worn off the spot by now.
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    Jon, Jon, Jon,
    There is no such thing as a fishing curse. A dogfish curse, yes, but not a fishing curse. LOL
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    The Rogers Dam impoundment in teh Morley/Stanwood area holds good #'s of channels. I heard about some guys doing good there through the ice on some good eater sized cats. It's only about 45 min. North of GR and might be worth a look.