Don't skimp on switches!!

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by KansasKatter, May 16, 2007.

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    Most of you probably already know this, but one area you do not want to skimp on is your electrical switches. I use the cheapo plastic toggle switches from the auto supply store, big mistake.

    They ended up full of moisture, corroded on the terminals, and the vibration had actuall caused a couple of them to snap off. Kind of scary when you can't get your bilge pump to run because the switch is broken, or has lost contact.

    I changed them all out last night with marine grade brass toggles, with the connectors that use a screw rather than spade, and also changes out all my connectors to marine grade, with the shrink tubing built in at the end.

    Hopefully that will solve my electrical problems.
  2. riddleofsteel

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    ALWAYS use stainless fasteners and marine grade electric connections and switches, I started using shrink wrap covers for all my connections. I coat the connections with Vasoline first and then slide on the shrink wrap. Shrink the ends to the wire and you got a connection just like the phone company uses.

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    I do something similar to that. I coat liquid tape on any wiring joint in my boat and trailer and just before it dries i slide some shrink tubing over the joint and then heat it up. You know you have an air and water tight connection when you see the liquid tape ooze out of the shrink tubing. I've used this method for years with no problems even with Joints sitting in salt water for weeks at at time in the bilge of my boat. You may want to consider using a heat gun because liquid tape is somewhat flammable.
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    That all is some awesome advise. But the best thing for switch longevity is to keep your boat under cover while not in use. Or at least use a waterproof console cover of some type. That will make everything electrical on your boat last so much longer.