Don't pout...go scout!

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    This is the probably the best advice I can give to anyone that wants to increase their chance of catching and catching regular. This sport isn't hard to figure out. It takes time, patience, and the ability to adapt to conditions mother nature throws at you. That being said, lots wonder why the same few always seem to be successful? I will say some has to do with instinct, placing yourself in position to be in the best area when needed. However, more has to do with the time spent learning your water. You have to see your river, lake etc. often. You need to see it in the different seasons. even winter! You have to learn the water depths. nudges holes and crannys there. small details!! Then you start to think like the fish. You try to get an idea on the movements of them and why they are doing what they are. Make them half-way predictable! I'm still figuring out this sport myself, and I can tell you nothing is predictable! lol. But, I have found that scouting your water till you know it like your backyard is a must! When you mow, you know if there might be a rut your mower might hit..right? So you avoid it.. you need to know your area your targeting the same....take this small information and go catch yourself a bigun!!! goodluck...rollo