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Don't Mess With My Stuff!

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So this Memorial Day weekend my family all met at our favorite campground for a weekend of fishing just like we have done each Memorial Day weekend for years. All the folks around the area have always been respectful of the property of others and no one messes with your stuff. Most people will simply tie their boats up and leave their equipment in the boat with no problem.

As we return from fishing we put our fish in a cage and leave them in the lake until we are ready to clean them - never a problem. This year there was a problem! People began swimming out to our cage and pulling it up to look at the fish. When it became apparent that this was going to be a reoccurring problem we decided to simply put the fish on ice. So we go pull up our cage and one of the fish is dead and two are missing. I don't mind sharing my fish with folks, heck, I'll even fry it up for them, but it really hacks me off when someone messes with my stuff and starts killing my fish.

Maybe the days of decent behavior and common respect are gone.
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There is no maybe to it. Those days are gone.
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