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  1. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    I have been invited to go on a salt water trip. A man I work with has a
    21' center console and he fishes oil rigs five miles out. He catches snapper
    and an occasional ling and such. Last trip he caught an 8' lemon shark.
    They had to chase the shark with the boat and after 45min. got it to the
    boat and cut the leader.
    My question is will my heavy cat rods be OK for this type of fishing as
    a general rule. I have ABU 7000 on an 8' medium heavy rods 30 lb. big
    game mono. and King Kat spinning on an 8' medium heavy rods with 30#
    big game mono.
    I have 2 Penn pier sticks with penn 309 on them. These are 5' solid glass
    rods heavy action and are really made to fish off of piers and they don't
    cast very well but are very strong.
    I have no experience with this type fishing.
    You salt water guys what would you take if you were me?
    If it makes any difference we will be fishing in the gulf of mexico off
    the Alabama coast.
  2. recordbreakin1

    recordbreakin1 New Member

    You should be ok.The set up you got are pretty tuff only thing I would change is the 30# line to about 50# or more.I have had small sharks bust 80# power pro like it was nothing.Hope you have a good safe trip.Let us know how you do.

  3. catfishhunter2009

    catfishhunter2009 New Member

    North Caro
    Your equipment should be fine . I use light tackle know matter where or what im fishing for . When I used to king fish I only used 30# test . Just put a good size leader . You might want to put on about 15-20 foot leader of 50# or so to your mainline . Good luck , be safe .
  4. Swampfox.

    Swampfox. New Member

    your rods and reels are good. make sure u got good leaders, those rigs can be unforgiving. u should be in for a treat.
  5. CatsNstripers

    CatsNstripers New Member

    Smith Mountain
    Braid for your main line. Fishing around rigs, and such. Mono doesnt last long. With atleast a 50lb mono leader, flouro if you can. Your rods sound fine, expecially if your dropping 6-10ounces to the bottom for snapper. I'm like the one guy that said light tackle is for him. I fish in the salt with the lightest i can get away with. Cast for Cobia (ling) has to be one of my favorites. You can chum and bait for them as well, catch alot of them, sharks, AJ's etc. Dolphin as well. Alot of fish have teeth in the Salt. Kink Macks, get your friend to hook you up with some steel for leaders. Make your own, dont buy them. Learn the Haywire twist or straight steel and learn to Crimp Sleeves properly for stranded. Probally the most fun to do, is casting swimbaits around the rigs, let them sink a few seconds and slow roll them back. MANY different species will attack them, use just heavy bass gear for this, spooled with braid. Light tackle is fun, but Light tackle in the salt sometimes is the rods you asked if they was ok to take. Depends on the species.... You'll have a ball..
  6. flatheadhunterx

    flatheadhunterx Active Member

    South Carolina
    I use to use 30 to 40 lb mono on my garcias but after getting spooled numerous times I went down to 20 lb strength and had much better success at landing fish simply because I can put alot more on it. I use steel leaders because of the teeth But I manage with it. I have landed rays up to 100 lbs and the largest shark I landed was the other night it was a 5 1/2 nurse shark so u can use lighter line just takes abit longer and its not as rough on the drags.
  7. catfish1083

    catfish1083 New Member

    if you take your cat gear be sure to clean and wash the sand and salt water out i have seen it destroy some good rods. the best of luck to ya man let us know how it goes
  8. jtrew

    jtrew New Member

    Little Rock, AR
    Buy a couple or three 'spools' of plastic coated braided steel leader and crimp sleeves to match. If your buddy doesn't have a pair of crimping pliers, buy a pair. I'd take my regular catfishing rods and the heavy duty ones (for straight down bottom fishing). Ask your buddy what size and type hooks he uses and buy you some of the same.
    Remember that sharks are good eating, except for hammerheads; and sting ray wings taste like scallops.
  9. gilmafam

    gilmafam Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you got some good advice... out on the west coast, if going for sharks the boys use steel leaders and Penn Senators... or some two speed reels.... my self, if just going for cod or bottom fish 30-50 lb is good and use just enough weight to keep at the bottom.
  10. Poppa

    Poppa New Member

    Pinson, Al
    Thanks for the information guys it came in handy. I went to the coast on
    Thursday and fished Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sorry no pictures.
    Like most long fishing trips we had a lot of fun but some times I could
    have done without. The red snapper season goes out next weekend, so
    the fish have been hit pretty hard and were very line wary, I experimented
    with my pre-tied rigs in 50# cajun red and 80# green dot braid that I
    catfish with and they would not touch it. Thats where the 60# flouro line
    came in, I like that stuff. After this trip I am a flouro man forever. Some
    of the rigs were a lot better than others. It seemed the rigs in water over
    70' were the best for us. We limited on red snapper every trip except one
    night trip when all we caught was one short grouper and no telling how
    many bluefish. The bluefish were so aggressive I think they were beating
    the snapper to the bait. Sometimes they would get your bait before you
    could get the slack out of you line. The bite surprised me. These fish were
    nibblers and peckers. They bit like bream. You had to keep a tight line
    and have a quick trigger to hook up. They fight like everything when you
    do hook up.
    I have always heard of a shark cutting a hooked fish in half, well I saw it
    first hand. My buddy had a big snapper almost to the boat when a shark
    of some kind took 3/4s of the snapper. The shark was just a flash and
    came so close to the boat I could have touched him with my rod.
    The down side of the trip was we got caught in high waves and wind and
    had a long slow, wet, scary ride ( for me). It was at night and the water
    was as black as ink and it took over 3 hours to go 27 miles. I was one
    happy redneck when I touched tera firma. At this point I was ready to
    write off saltwater fishing forever.LOL But the next day was perfect
    weather and great fishing.
    I had a good time but I don't think I would want to do it on a regular basis.
  11. chad69dart

    chad69dart New Member

    Good to hear you limited on snapper. Some fine eating there. Did yall fish out of Gulf Shores?

    I know how you feel about having your wits scared out of you in rough weather and high seas.

    Come on down in September and we can go Red fishing. The red fish start running good in Sept and Oct lot off fun to catch and the limit is little more liberal than it is with snapper.

    We fish the Spanish river for big reds and flounder and if they aren't biting its not to far to some decent catfish territory off the causeway.

    Take care
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  12. Poppa

    Poppa New Member

    Pinson, Al
    Chad thanks for the invite. We fished from Dauphin Island. We launched
    at the public launch at Fort Gaines.
  13. chad69dart

    chad69dart New Member

    Hey Pop

    I launch there occasionally when I fish the near reefs in the spring for sheepshead and flounder. I usualy go the other way as I dont trust my boat in open seas. Got a few buddies who will make that run out to the first rigs in just about anything but hey have a bigger set than i do. I kinda have this thing about living.

    I like to fish the baldwin county side mostly fish river and the near reefs along the bay by Fairhope.

    Are you planning on coming down and trying out the new pier thay built down at the state park in Gulf shores? If so drop me a line and maybe we can get together for some salties. Always good for a few hardheads and Blues. But you want to wait till tourist season is over as folks are steping on each other right now.
  14. wallerus

    wallerus New Member

    I been out in open water in everything from a 19 footer to and aircraft carrier. If it's going fishing with me in it off shore it's 30 feet or better, prefferably better.