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    anyway I miss fishing in ponds. Use to be when I was growing up ponds were abundant and folks didn't mind if you fished their pond.Sadly that isn't the case anymore,most folks have no trespassing up on their property and so you can't fish their ponds. I just wish I knew of someone close by that had a catfish pond and would let me fish it.Those were some good times back then and I do miss it.Might be if it's at all possible that when hubby's settlement comes in I might have to have me an acre or two and build a pond and put some little cats in it and then leave it alone for a few years. Then I could fish my pond and my BOC family that wanted too could come and fish it with me cause if you're with BOC you'd always be welcome!!! Just needed to get that off my chest.Thanks for reading if you're passing through!:smile2:
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    I'll post on this.:big_smile: I loved fishing when I was a kid for that very reason. If you got bored when the fish weren't bitin, you messed with the blue gill and frogs. I very rarly go fishin anymore cause the river and lakes, well if nothins bitin, your bored. That and I can't take that 24 hour fishin trips with Matt. Too intense for me. I just wanna play, don't care if I bring anything home or not. I would love a few hours and a farm pond. Might even talk my youngest son into goin and having fun! :eek:oooh:

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    state line city, indiana
    that sounds good. we could make it a national gathering site too.
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    Pat the reason no one lets people fish on their ponds any more is because of the liability. If someone is on your property invited or not and gets hurt then you can be sued and most times will be sued. I enjoy pond fishing myself and do it quit often on a sat or Sunday evening with the grand kids.
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    I'm with ya girl. Used to love fishing the small ponds as a kid. We still have some swamps around this area that hold a good amount of bass, and some decent ones too. Have never fished them for cats, but would imagine that they hold some as well. Some of these swamps are on Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge and can be fished by anyone that can get to them. Others are on private land that can be fished to, for now. Last time I was out at one of these, it was pretty well trashed so I don't guess will last much longer.

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    Yep sure miss those carefree days when all I neede was a pond or a creek to explore. The days of being alowe to fish a pond are fadeing fast


    u can fish in my pond, it is a drive tho:smile2: its small, cant seem to get the channels established put over a hundred in last year, 3-5 inches at a quarter a piece and i think the bass has eat them all.
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    Alot of people with signs up just want to be asked.
    Alot of folks want to know when you get there and when you leave.
    Alot of folks dont mind a helping hand every now and again running a fence line or cutting a hedge row.

    There are few who have always deer hunted here that do that. They might show up to hunt and instead seeing all heck broke loose forget hunting for the moment and pitch in.
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    I've lived in a mostly rural community for 25 years, and have very few local farm ponds which I can fish. True, most people just want to be asked, but I'm not too hip on just stopping somewhere, and asking if I can fish there, or not knowing the landowner well enough to stop and ask. The other day, a nice lady that I know came in the store and told me that I was welcome to come out and fish her pond, but added that I was not to bring anyone along. It was a very nice gesture, and I thanked her for the invitation. I do understand where she was coming from, but I can't fish alone. Too many people have screwed things up for everyone else by leaving behind their trash, and/or just being inconsiderate in general. It is also a good idea to ask how many, or IF you can keep what you catch, and offer to dress some, and give them to the owner. Same with hunting. It's only polite, and cosiderate to offer some of your bounty that you harvested from their land to show your gratitude.
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    Pea Kay: I have two ponds. One where we throw our river caught channels, and one where I stock 25 new cats, 6-8", every year. This pond is creating a dilemma. We feed these cats nightly. Kind of a ritual. My Missus, 6 dogs, 1 cat and a mess of slobbering catfish boiling the water eating the floating catfish food. You know how they can identify whales by their markings? We have names for many of these fish. I can't kill them. Would be like eating one of my kids. If your fliver can get you here you would be welcome to fish them. I couldn't be there though. The trauma would be too great. By the way, my hairdo is now longer than your "do". I look like a hippy compared to you.
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    I fish my sister in laws pond once in awhile. She lets me bring who ever I want with the understanding that they can not fish there with out me. The reason as stated before... law suits. Oh one more rule she has. PICK UP ANY TRASH you have.
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    My boys learned to fish in a farm pond out in Hays Kansas many years ago, when were all together for the holidays it always becomes a topic of discussion. A Elderly widow lived on the property and was afraid to fish it by herself, so the boys and i would take her to the pond whenever she felt good enough to fish. She was especially fond of snaping turtle meat. She had a 55 gal. drum with rocks in the bottom and this is where she had us put the turtles. She would let them sit in the clean water for a week or two, then the boys and i would come up and fish them out for her and kill them. She did the butchering herself. I sure do miss her turtle soup and i especially miss sitting on her front porch drinking sun tea and listning to her stories. She was a grand ole lady and my family loved her and miss her dearly.
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    Don't blame the landowners. We have to put up with things you wouldn't imagine. My cousin has a pond stocked with good cats and nice bass (I caught two seven lb.ers in 1/2 hr.) she keeps on a friends land. The last time she was there she found that apparently someone had a 24 pk. of bottles and as they finished them tossed them over their shoulders into a pile of mostly broken bottles. This was in tall grass so clean up is almost impossible and the glass means she has to be real carefull with her grandkids who the pond is stocked for. I have a private campground on the Jacks Fork and the last time I fixed up the road into the place, I suddenly had a pond full of road signs, broken beer bottles wedged in ruts pointing up hill for the unwariy, a pile of burned steel-belted tires and had to get out and clean up a lot of sexual novelty items before I dared let the kids out of the van. My response was to let the road deterioate to where only someone with a 4x and knowledge of exactly where to put their wheels could get in and out.:sad2:
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    my main problem is lack of farm ponds i have a few around here but not many worth fishing i rememeber growing up a little farm pond wasan't much bigger than a mudhole but when your younger and fish you caught was a big deal we'd catch really small channels and bluegill used to have a blast but now that pond is a mudhole. i'm trying to get my neighbor to stock his pond with catfish i almost have him talked into it