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Discussion in 'Trapping & Fur Taking' started by beetle, Jan 19, 2008.

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    Well my partner and I have called it quits for the season and the fur is on its way to auction. We set a new personal best this season on coyotes with 46. 35 was are previous best. Coon numbers were half what we have got in the past few years at 62. We got 5 Red fox and 3 nice rats. I am not sure what happened to the coon this year everyone in this part of the country are seeing lower numbers it seems. The ones we did get were good quality and size. We tried out some new things on the yotes and it seemed to work out but we'll need another season or two to really pin point what worked best or was it just better numbers of yotes this season. Our largest coon was a 23lbs female and our largest yote was a 46lbs male. We got three this season in the 40lbs range. I'm sorry we did not get any pictures this year of our totals to post but it was raining and we do not have room to spread them out indoors for a good picture. Our target animals this year were yotes and coons. The couple of rats were for lure. I hope everyone has a good I still have a couple of weeks left to bow hunt.LOL
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    good job on the coons and yotes used to hunt and trap when i was younger loved it !congrats.:smile2:

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    Winfield, MO
    I used to trap years ago when I was a teenager. I remember getting up waaaaaay before school to run my traplines and get my chores done with the horses (Chopping a hole in the ice for water, feeding grain and hay). Also remember running that trap line one winter when we had a -50 degree wind chill, man that was cold. LOL Wouldn't do it now but it sure was some nice extra money in the winter for a young boy.

    Then my piece of crap Uncle stole my traps out of the barn and that pretty much ended it for me.:sad2: Bought all of them with my own money too. He also stole my 20ga shotgun that I had up at grandma's too but thats another story. He's still living with his 'mommy' at 65 years old. His other bum brother (another Uncle, still lives in a trailer in Grandmas yard. Yup, she birthed two real winners there. Good thing my Mom turned out good! And 1 other Uncle made a good life for himself too.

    Sorry, this thread wasn't about my family history so i'll put a lid on it.

    Trapping was a lot of fun though and I made a decent amount of money for a kid doing it. Brings back memories!
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    Sounds like you guys had a decent season,Rodger. keep us posted with the prices ya got . ,I hate it that I was not able to trap ,yet again this season. But hope things will fall in place next yr. I'm still calling a bit tho.
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    Bettle ....great job.....better than what I did...bowfoot