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Don Pedro Reservoir

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My friend Timmy, my cousin and I have been pulling in some real nice channels on livers and anchovies. I didn't know if anyone out there had fished Don Pedro or not. Timmy landed two 8 pounders last night and I landed a 5.5 and a 2.5. All after dark...(I think I drank more beer than him though) hahaha!

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Welcome to the Brotherhood! Nice to see a 49er fan as well!!!! Where bouts are ya'll? Need to go up therte with ya'll and wet aline. Going out in a few hours to the slough. Give me a hollar.
Thanx for the welcome. I had no idea that there was so many people out there that loved catfishing as much as we do. Were up in Grovealnd, Ca. about 30 minutes from Yosemite.Where are you from? I am trying to figure out how to move my fish pics on my camcorder to this computer. They need a class on that I guess. My wife and I are going to the 49er Cowboy game tomorrow so I have to go paint my face red and get ready for another loss.
I am on my way now to get some bluegill,anchovies,and liver for tonight,s dinner. Plus I have 2 cats to skin...
Nice meeting you.

go Niners!!!!!!!!!
:thumbsup: :0a25:
My Brother-in-law tells me alot about Don Pedro & the Channel Cats there. :eek:

I have to give that place a shot! :D

Take It Easy,
Bert :cool:
Just wondered if anyone did any good.
I am going down there tonight to try bacon. We will see...
What is everyones opinion on the best line??? Most of the channel's we catch there are betwene 3 and 12 lbs...Using Trilene XLsmooth10lb right now on one rod and Trilene XLsmooth17lb on the other. Any opinions???


Niner game SUCKED!!! :cursing:
Oh well :rolleyes:
Thanx for the welcome
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Hey Chrisso.... You mean near Bacon Island? Where you at any ways? Centralcalicat and I fished a fork of the Mendota slough Sat. I been useing 60# Spider org. with my Penn on a 7 Ft Med/Hvy ugly Stick and 30# spider org. with my Seagull baitrunner with a 9 Ft. Med Ugly stick. Was having problems with the 30# spider but now it seems to adjusted to my baitrunner. How did you do out there?
ive fished pedro a few times but not for cats been trolling for trout and kokes when i go there but ive seen some decent cats pulled from there
guess i need to go try it sometime
Don Pedro is about 1 hour or 45 miles west of Yosemite Park. It is about 15 minutes from my house. There is also a little lake called Pine Mountain Lake about 5 minutes from my house with some nice cats and other fish in it. I did pull some Kok's out last year though. I am trying to get out of here. They caught a 17 out of Pedro the other night when I was at the stupid game. I am gonna take my daughter down to PML to catch some perch for the cats. Someone told me that was illegal is that true??? I have done that all my life. I have never fished Mendota but have been by many times. By Los Banos right??? Any way good luck boys... :D

hmm dont know if it is or not there need to do some research i guess
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