Don Hume Leather Holsters

Discussion in 'Handgun Talk' started by H2O Mellon, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. H2O Mellon

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    Does anyone use these? I was so impressed with them today that I bought two. One for a 1911 and the other for a Model 85 Taurus. For the price $25 these leather holster felts just as good as the Branchi leather holsters for 3 times the price. I was in shock. (I did however find an 480 Branchi leather holster today for my 92F for 50% off, so I gobbled that one up pretty quickly :wink:)

    Even though I guess I have a couple nice guns, I've always been a cheap o when it comes to holsters. Most would say that $25 is too cheap, but I would honestly pay twice that for these Don Hume holsters. I'm so impressed that I'm thinking of going back and seeing what kind of deal i can get if I buy 10 or so for my other guns that I sometimes/might sometime carry. :smile2:
  2. xringer3

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    I used to use them quite a bit as they're located just about an hour from me. I did that is until I got ripped by them. They've got NO customer service! I paid for a holster to be made by them and got a quote of 6 weeks. 9 weeks later I stilldidn't have it. After a month of weekly contacts they kept promising it the next week. So, after three months, AFTER the initial quote, and several promises, they still hadn't made it. I had to cancel and get my money back and got one in two weeks from Tex Shoemaker half a country away.

    If it's already on the shelf, you're probably ok, but don't expect any service from them if you have a problem, they don't seem to care about repeat costumers.