Dogs and black truck bed liners

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Cattledogz, Jun 21, 2008.

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    Many people take their dogs along for the ride in the back of their truck and many, many of them have the black truck bed liners in the beds.

    The majority of the people that let their dogs ride in the back never stop to think how hot those bed liners get on a sunny day just on moderate spring days. And then on summer days the liners get unbearably hot.

    Those liners can cause quick heat strokes in dogs and can actually burn a dogs foot pads!

    So PLEASE, if your dog rides on a black bed liner make sure you put something light colored down to insulate against the inhumane temps of those bed liners.

    It just might save your dog from severe injury or even death!
  2. 223reload

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    Good stuff ,Barb. I'll give ya a rep when I regenerate :cool2:

  3. crab

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    Thanks for the great post! My labs are like a part of the family and my oldest male takes rides with me all the time.He ride up front with me! He has his own doggie seatbelt strap. People look at him when we pull along side them and he looks over at them and turns his head back just like a person :eek:oooh::wink: heck hes smarter than some people I know.:big_smile::smile2:
  4. Dano

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    Good tip on the black bed liner. They do get hot. I have burned my hands on them in summer heat.
    My dog usually ride up front with me, she loves the ride and the ac. Spoiled dog. LOL
    There has been a time or 2 that I made her ride in back. Usually when she finds something dead, dirty and stinky to roll in at the lake. Something a quick swim wont wash off. LOL.
    In my other truck with camper shell I got the black bed liner. No matter what, they would never ride in back with camper shell in summer time. Too hot. Anyway the liner Has ridges in it. Dog cant stand well on it plus, it is slick, they slide around easy on it.
    I ended up going to carpet store. They gave me a big scrape piece of indoor outdoor carpet to lay down in bed of truck over liner. I laid it down and bed has groves for boards so I put 2 boards to hold it down.
    Dogs loved it. And she returned the favor which is another story
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    Barb you are so precious and wonderful, for posting a wonderful,and and I do mean rep wonderful post. Lady you must have a heart of Gold and our dogs are all very lucky to have someone who is ready and willing to stand up and be a Spokesperson for them. From one dog lover to the next I humbly say Thank You for your kindness in bringing this to our attention. Most definen ately reps from me!! Sister Pat Powell:big_smile::big_smile::big_smile: