dog treats?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by photocat, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. photocat

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    So to make my money right now im petsitting for a few people, and i was playing with one of the dogs treats while they were outside today and i just started thinking about how to get it to stay on a hook for catfish... the one i was playing with was one of the compressed beef strip things... look like processed type of beef jerky but i guess alot of the ones made w/ meat could be used (one of the trainers i work with does something with liver that seems like it would make good catfish bait).

    I was wondering if anyone had ever tried anything like this for bait. I know i've chummed holes and baited minnow traps w/ dogfood before, but i'm talking about dog treats here...

    once it warms up for the lakes i usually go to to deice them selves im gonna buy a box of these things and go out experimenting
  2. Katmaster Jr.

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    Well instead of catching catfish your gonna be catching dogfish.. :p :eek: :D
    just funnin ya :p If you try it, let me know what happens.

    good luck :)

  3. Nobody Special

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    Put a piece in some water and let it soak for a while and see if it stays together good.
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    here is an experiment for you. Take a cracker, a plain old saltine, stick it in a cup of water.
    At the same time, take another cracker and place it in a cup of mineral oil or vegetable oil. You know, that which they say will moistureize.

    See what happens.
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    Yeah, I know what treats your talking about. I just don't know that they would contain enough oils/juices to attract the catfish. But, you should always give 'em a try (who knows, they could be the next latest and greatest bait).

    P.S. How come fisherman/women are always looking at everything and thinking about it being a lure/bait? I know I can't be the only one to do that all the time. I think wow this is shiny - might attract some fish. Wow, this rattles - might attract some fish. Wow, this stinks - might catch me some channels. Wow this is spongy, I could use this for my dip baits. I seem to think everything could catch some fish, and soon my tackleboxes are full of a bunch of junk which I end up never using anyway. From cans of dogfood, recycled springs from ink pens, little plastic insect toys, shiny objects, threads, shell casings, tips of mechanical bic pencils (which have that bullet weight shape) and etc.
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    If it doesnt have enough oils in it you could soak it something, like I posted elsewhere I soaked shrimp in all kinds of things. Try it out and report back.