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Dog Drives in South Carolina

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Hey Guys,

Like the New Site Still going to miss the old.

Anyway Was Wondering if anyone Knew of Some Dog Drive Hunt Clubs In South Carolina. I used to Hunt with White Circle Hunt Club Down in Bamberg with my Father when i was about 13 or so Been 8 Years Since I been down there was told it was No longer a Active Club. .

Just looking around see if anyone knows of any.

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whats getting me is those dogs arnt cheap are they. Looks like someone would look and look for there dog to use for the next year. Just think of all the dog food that they feed the dog I just dont understand why someone or how they could do that. I guess I just love dogs to much.
No, dogs aren't cheap, nor the food or vet bills to maintain them. My son-in-law runs a kennel for **** dogs, and I know he spends tons of money on them.
I think what happens with a deer dog is, maybe the dog doesn't perform, so his slob owner just dumps him out somewhere in order to avoid the extra expense during the coming year.
Thats really sad it would be great if there was a way to catch these guys and put some Justus to them.
I dont know how I feel about this. I know I dont like the coonhunters who let their dogs run everywhere. If its legal than so be it. I dont think it would be for me, but I do hunt totally different land. There are swamps here but nothing like nc or sc, i guess. I used to feel like why in the heck would you need dogs? THey just walk around. After hearing about the snakes maybe this is the best way to hunt in NC or SC. Just seems pretty dangerous to me though.
derbycitycatman, I don't know where you live, since you haven't updated your profile, but the coonhunters I am referring to are pretty professional and organized, and they hunt only on land where they have permission, including many, many landowners who request them in order to control the population. The seldom kill an animal, though the do catch and relocate them if requested to. They hunt purely for sport. They have organized hunts all around the country, involving a lot of sponsors and quite large amounts of money, from what little I know. I used to hunt ***** when I was young, but was amazed to learn how much the sport has grown. I might add, I've learned that a lot of outdoor sports are that way, including squirrel hunting. It's one more way for hunters to meet and socialize, I guess. I used to wonder why anyone spent so much time bass fishing. Now look at the bass, crappie, catfish, etc. tournaments out there.
SSG Johnson, I wish there was a way to deliver justice to people like that, too. It is really sad to see hunting dogs wandering around, looking half-starved or sickly. Of course, there are others who choose to abandon pets, who aren't hunters. I guess they're really no better, huh?
To All: I hope I haven't offended anyone out there with my views. I certainly don't mean to. There are lots of things that go on which don't appeal to me, but I respect other's right to do them, as long as they are legal. I realize that my opinion may not always be right, either. There is always more than one side to everything, and I try to see both sides if I can.
Yea I guess you are right about people dumping there dogs and cats when they dont want them anymore I guess if you took the numbers of hunters that did that if would be realitivly small compaired to the numbers of the other people that do it. A lady i work with says they get about 2-3 dogs a week that people dump. If they see them dump it they will get the animal and take it back to the house and dump it in there yard.....lOl Ya know there are tracking things they put into dog that the vet can pass a wand over them and it tells who the owern of the dog is. I think it should be a law that hunting dogs must have them to hunt that way if they are just lost then the owner would be found.
Blackwater didnt mean to sound like I was against coonhunting, Im not, just around me Ive not seen the same. Course Ive had problems with trespassing fisherman, hunters... You name it. There are some like that in every bunch.
I manage a small farm for hunting, and occasionally have problems with trespassing, too. Unethical people exist in every group, I guess. Usually a diplomatic, but firm approach solves the problem, at least until the next one comes along.
hey, the club still exist and is doing well. i think they are at about 82 or so for the year on deer count. if u need more information email me or contact via phone at 1-864-353-0177, [email protected]
there is a club outside of lake city SC dont know the name of it but I do know they trespass on my land regularly. I used to run dogs but it is much more work than still hunting the late nights out hunting for dogs. It really irks the heck out of me now tho to have been in my treestand for a few hours and then right at prime time have a hound come and lay down close by my stand. it has happened 2 times in the last week, the dog doesnt know how lucky he has been! but my patience is only so long... It goes back to the post about the large tracts of land being bought up or land owners getting tired of SLOB hunters... I love my little slice of heaven but I hate the fact that I plant food plots work my butt off to grow quality deer and then some SOB drives in and turns his dogs loose on the fresh tracks around my plots and shoots the first thing brown that runs out...
If people want to hunt with dogs that's their choice, I'd think it was too much like hunting rabbits, I don't want to hear barking dogs while deer hunting. I like it to be quiet and peaceful, I don't even like to see another hunter while I'm in the woods. But in some places it may be so thick that a dog is the only way to jump the deer.
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